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Easy puzzles for adults

Easy jigsaw puzzles for adults

Get started with these easy peasy jigsaw puzzles!

Looking for a puzzle that you can fly through quickly, without getting stuck on any tricky sections? We know that feeling! That’s why we’ve prepared this neat list of easy puzzles that are simple to get started with! These ones were all designed to be especially stress-free and simple to put together, while still being beautiful to look at.

Easy puzzles, you say?

It’s true: every Puzzle Nerd® has it in them to solve really tough puzzles. But sometimes, it’s nice to take a break with an easy jigsaw instead! If you’re a newbie puzzler, these designs are also the perfect place to get started.

Not tried a jigsaw puzzle since you were little? These ones will help you rediscover the joy of puzzling, and open the door to trickier puzzles in future. Just be careful – you might catch yourself wanting more of these lovely puzzles after a couple of hours! Have kids in the family and want to get them involved? Try our easy 500-piece puzzles first!

Why our easy puzzles are the best around

Made in Europe

Made in Europe

Designed in the UK, our puzzles are made right here in Europe to the highest possible standards. We use FSC board for a more sustainable puzzling experience.

Elegant puzzle boxes

Elegant design

We think every part of a jigsaw puzzle should be beautiful – including the box! Our puzzles come in sturdy, elegant boxes that you’ll be proud to show off. No more hiding your puzzles!

Puzzle piece

Durable pieces

We use extra-thick puzzle board and add a durable linen finish to help prevent pesky glare from putting you off your puzzling. We also use sustainably sourced paper and board.

Perfect for puzzle nerds

We love puzzlers

Our puzzle boffins work tirelessly to make sure fellow nerds are happy! Problem with your puzzle? Just let us know and we’ll put things right.

See these puzzlers getting stuck into our easy jigsaws!

Videos courtesy of thejigsawsolver/YouTube

Videos courtesy of KarenPuzzles/YouTube

Which easy puzzle will you try first?

Not only are these puzzles absolutely stunning, they’re fun to solve precisely because they’re designed to be stress-free! There’s no pressure to finish those edge pieces, and you won’t have to sort all of the piece by shape just to make some progress – in fact, they’re designed to be fun and intuitively easy to assemble.

The colors and patterns in our easiest puzzles are also strategically mapped out to make the designs especially beginner-friendly. It’s really all fun and simple with these jigsaws! We recommend trying them with your family and friends, or while listening to your favourite podcast or playlist. Now that’s the perfect set-up for a chilled afternoon!

Take your pick!

The next question you’re probably asking is… ‘Okay, which one?’ We’ve got you covered! The best place to start is our classic GRADIENT puzzle, which takes most puzzlers a few hours to complete. If you need something easier, there’s now a 500-PIECE GRADIENT puzzle that’s perfect for puzzle newbies.

Simpler still is CASCADE, a 500-piece gradient-themed jigsaw with a retro twist! This one’s extra easy because of the wave patterns that flow through the design, making each piece easier to identify.

Ready for a bigger challenge? Sure thing! We have a 1000-piece (but still very easy!) version of CASCADE called WAVES! If you want a little more variety with shapes, we also recommend GEOMETRY, a 1000-piece beauty that’s all about fun shapes and colours. The subtle gradients make it especially easy to solve!

CANVAS is also a neat puzzle that’s fit for art-lovers! Brush up on your art basics with the vintage colour wheel and elegant contrasts. Though the white background can be a little bit tougher to put together, the colourful figures fill up most of the puzzle and make it a piece of cake! And since we’re talking about shapes, it’s best to mention PIXELS as well. This is another easy peasy gradient jigsaw – in fact, it’s one of the simplest and satisfying designs we’ve ever made. The uniform square features plus the rainbow-coloured pattern throughout make it surprisingly quick to solve!

Last but not least, we have FAUNA! It’s a collage of elegant polygon illustrations of animals, making this puzzle a great fit for parents who want an easy jigsaw to try with their kids. It’s relatively simple too because you just complete the animal drawings one-by-one until… voila! When you’re done, you might just be ready for one of our challenging puzzles instead.

Simple jigsaw puzzles for adults, from Cloudberries
Canvas is one of our easiest 1000-piece puzzles
Simple puzzles can still be fun to do!

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The Cloudberries pledge

Here at Cloudberries, we go beyond great design. We’ve also committed to quality and sustainability. All of our puzzles are made here in Europe to the highest possible standards, using only FSC certified paper and board.

That’s not all. We’ve also made a pledge to plant one tree for each puzzle sold. Whether you buy through our online store, through our shop on Amazon, or one of our carefully selected stockists, your purchase will help some of the world’s most fragile natural environments. We’re the first and only puzzle brand to have made this promise.

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