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“Let’s puzzle” – Celebrate National Puzzle Day with the coolest jigsaw video, like, ever

Puzzle Nerd®? Fan of The Queen’s Gambit? Then you won’t want to miss this incredible short video, released to celebrate National Puzzle Day on the 29th January!

The tongue-in-cheek clip is a fun parody of the hit Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit, swapping the lead character’s obsession with chess for an equally nerdy hobby… puzzling!

In the dramatic video, which was expertly produced by super-talented Jessica and Luke Cheney over at, you can see the puzzle-mad protagonist ‘seeing’ the next pieces fall into place as she blasts her way through our 1000-piece FAUNA jigsaw, which – a bit like a chess board – is divided up into a fun grid.

We don’t know Jessica and Luke personally, but they seem like the kind of awesome, creative people who make the puzzle community such an honour to be a part of. As well as being mega skilled at making videos, they are also the brains behind The Puzzle Republic – a community of free jigsaw puzzle trading posts set up across the United States.

Starting out with a strong desire to do some good (and an old Barbie hotel that they found at an antiques shop), the pair launched their first puzzle trading post back in January 2020. Since then their venture has expanded to include beautifully crafted ‘swap stops’ in California and Indiana, each with a cool theme and a clear mission – to connect people with puzzles. Anyone can use the trading posts, and the rules are simple: “Take a puzzle, leave a puzzle”.

Jessica and Luke are actively encouraging others to open up puzzle trading posts around the US (and possibly even the world), so if this sounds like the kind of thing you would like to bring to your community, please go and contact them via their website, which includes tips on getting started. You should most definitely go and follow them on Instagram, too: @thepuzzlerepublic