Gradient Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

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Meet the Gradient jigsaw from Cloudberries! It’s no ordinary jigsaw, and that’s the way we like it.

  • Incredible gradient jigsaw puzzle with bright, cool design
  • Surprisingly intuitive to complete – just follow the subtle colour changes!
  • Designed for grown-ups, with extra-thick pieces and a premium matt finish
  • This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle comes in a sturdy, beautiful box
  • Made in Europe to the highest possible standards
  • Perfect as a gift or for quiet evenings in!
  • Completed puzzle size: 68cm x 48.5cm

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UK (1–2 working days)
Europe: (3–5 working days)
USA & Canada: (5–7 working days)
Rest of World: (7–10 working days)

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Video by @karenkavett

Finally! A beautiful, art-inspired jigsaw puzzle for adults. Join the mindfulness revolution and while away blissful hours with a challenging 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that’s handsome enough to hang on your wall, or just leave out on your coffee table.

Here’s why this 1000-piece colour gradient puzzle is just perfect for quiet evenings in, stress-free holidays, or as a gift for friends and family:


Cloudberries puzzles feature thick, high-quality pieces that feel ‘just right’ in your hand. Every jigsaw piece is expertly die-cut to ensure a perfect fit – and when you match two pieces together, you’ll feel a satisfying click.


Although it looks impossible, the subtle colour changes make our gradient puzzle surprisingly simple to get finished. Just start with your favourite colour – or get the edges completed first – and you’ll find that the rest of the puzzle flows naturally!


Think out of the box! Cloudberries puzzles come in sturdy boxes with a luxurious matt finish, which makes them perfect gifts for adults. The minimalistic designs feature Pantone colours and look great on any bookshelf!


Our jigsaw puzzles for grown ups are designed in the UK and proudly made here in Europe to the highest possible standards. Inspired by the worlds of art and design, they’re ideal for cosy evenings in, lazy Sunday mornings, or friendly get-togethers with good music, a cup of tea, or a glass or two of wine…

37 reviews for Gradient Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

  1. Doug Smith

    The ordering process was simple and the delivery of the puzzle was very speedy.

    I loved the feel of the pieces of this puzzle, they were well cut and pieces fitted really smoothly. The colours were really vivid and it looked great when completed.

    I’ve recommended these puzzles to a lot of friends.

  2. Shelby Schmigel

    This was my first Cloudberries puzzle and I completed it within 48 hours of receiving it. The puzzle is such a high quality and beautiful to look at. I plan to frame it one day but for now, its packed away. Ready for me to do again soon.

  3. Alex

    Most beautiful jigsaw ever! Just handling the pieces is wonderful, the colours are lovely and it fits together so well you can pickup the complete jigsaw and hold it up vertically. Using the colours as a key made it easier than we expected but the satisfaction of fitting the colourful pieces together more than makes up for it.

  4. Lin Dando

    Not as difficult as I thought it might be. Your eyes become tuned into the different shades of each colour but only in natural daylight. Found the purple/pink side easier than than the blue/yellow side. Bought as a gift for me, hope I get another one next year. Well made jigsaw.

  5. Henna Järvenpää (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, straight to my door! Well done!

  6. Zsófia Varga

    One of my favorites! Love this puzzle.

  7. magiccatchers team (verified owner)

    Amazing, amazing, amazing! My favorite puzzles in my collection thus far.

  8. Catriona (verified owner)

    Really well packed an quick shipping, will be a challenge for boxing day!

  9. Emin/Candan (verified owner)

    I ordered it from Turkey and it came in time. It was so fun to do! I did it 3 times. I’ll definitely do it more because it doesn’t get boring. It’s a good quality puzzle and the pieces fit perfectly. So satisfying and beautiful.

  10. Karin Mancusi (verified owner)

    After seeind Karen Kavet’s review on youtube, got curious and decided to give it a try. Ordered from Brazil! Puzzles got here on time and in perfect shape. Took me 4 hours of great fun to put it together! Just great!! Looooved it. Now my daughter is giving it a try. Great FUN in pieces! Thank you.

  11. kbrunjes (verified owner)

    Excellent, communicative and helpful seller (they combo shipped two separate orders for me, all with a smile). Love the art! Thank you! We are super excited to ‘puzzle’ (…come the shorter sunlight days of the year). A 5 Star Seller, for sure.

  12. SCMather

    So challenging and fun! We left it out on the dining room table and worked on it over our vacation. We didn’t finish it and look forward to trying again next year.

  13. Syd

    Finished this, it was pretty hard but so satisfying to do. The best part, it will be just as hard the next time, The gift that keeps giving.

  14. rachelsparkinson (verified owner)

    Huge challenge but such great fun! And a huge sense of achievement when it was completed

  15. Gaz

    Deffo the best puzzle I have ever done!

  16. andersbluff (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this jigsaw. it arrived so fast and was perfect in every way. a very recommended seller and puzzle!

  17. Celia Schieffelin (verified owner)

    When the puzzle didn’t make it to me the first time, they re-shipped it for FREE. I have received the puzzle and LOVE it. High quality.

  18. rachelsparkinson (verified owner)

    Huge challenge but such great fun! And a huge sense of achievement when it was completed

  19. Jules

    When the world is obsessing about spending so much time on technology and questioning our addiction if not being prisoners to screen time Cloudberries have made it truly easy to down the iPhone, switch off the iPad and put the Mac back on charge.
    Addictive, challenging, dazzling designs, original and super fun puzzling is back in trend and that’s all down to Cloudberries taking the boring out of jigsaw puzzles.
    Never thought I’d buy a jigsaw mat … but this is one way to spend hours away from a screen and not even miss it!
    Started with the Gradient and will certainly be upping the game and going for more difficult next time.
    The designs just get better and more original and challenging and the quality is great.
    No need to look anywhere else.
    Oh and that feeling when the last piece goes in … it’s a great one!
    Keep on churning out the puzzles guys, great job.

  20. Nicola

    Super speedy delivery and puzzle looks great. I bought it as a gift and I’m sure they’ll be thrilled with it! Thanks so much!

  21. Janie Skinner (verified owner)

    A great item for a puzzle loving mum. The package came with a personalised note from the seller which was lovely. I highly recommend.

  22. kbrunjes (verified owner)

    Excellent, communicative and helpful seller (they combo shipped two separate orders for me, all with a smile). Love the art! Thank you! We are super excited to ‘puzzle’ (…come the shorter sunlight days of the year). A 5 Star Seller, for sure.

  23. Llion Jones (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, great quality. Bought it as a christmas present, which I am sure will keep the recipient busy until the Doctor Who special is on!

  24. Alisha Siegel

    Brilliant product, expertly made and super fast postage speed. Would definitely buy from again and advise others to do so too!

  25. Demi (verified owner)

    Love the puzzle, amazing quality!

  26. Tom Fahey

    Just started this last night and Im obsessed with it. Great idea for a jigsaw – will definitely buy the others in the series.

  27. Kari Schultz (verified owner)

    Amazing puzzle to get back in the season. Blew threw it in no time, the pieces are really good quality, and my cats loved it too. The bright colors balance out the depressive hermit vibes I’m feeling with the upcoming winter chill. The cloudberries people included a really nice handwritten note that I left on my table for months and kept mistaking for a postcard written by a friend.

  28. Trish

    This is a brilliant jigsaw. Very relaxing and rewarding to do; and easier than it looks. Satisfying and therapeutic. I am a big fan of Cloudberries jigsaws. They are great quality and arrive very promptly.

  29. TippyGabor (verified owner)

    Thank you! Love it!

  30. Linda Sheahan (verified owner)

    So pretty

  31. strandedtogether (verified owner)

    This was such an amazing puzzle! Incredibly beautiful and fun to work on. The colors are gorgeous and the pieces fit together well. It looks really challenging but it came together surprisingly well. Definitely easier than other 1000 piece puzzles I’ve worked on. I can’t say enough good things about this puzzle and company. Fast shipping too! I can’t wait to try their sea shell design. That one looks really challenging! Definitely recommend this product to other puzzle and design lovers! Thank you!

  32. A Z (verified owner)

    Fast shipping lovely puzzle, thanks!

  33. Teasersluck

    My daughter and I set out to do it one afternoon – and agreed it wouldn’t be as difficult as it looked. It certainly wasn’t easy and proved a fun challenge; and only a small area similar to sky in other puzzles where it’s a case of just trying every piece to see what fits. Very interesting how one sees the colours differently. A great puzzle and fun to have something different. We finished it in about 4 hours – so 8 hours of dedicated time to complete!

  34. History Light

    The jigsaw is a gift for my parents. It’s right up their alley, and I’m sure they’ll be very happy, but as a gift I won’t have any part in it’s use. But from my end, the delivery was prompt, efficient and the product arrived in one piece (well, 1001 pieces, but still…). I’d certainly use Cloudberries again for this sort of thing, and being as jigsaws make great gifts for my folks (they fair rip through them), I very likely will. Thanks guys

  35. THXTEX

    Spot on. Thanks very much!

  36. Mr. Gerald G. Harniman

    Will keep my partner involved for many happy days, she loves a challenge and I imagine this puzzle will be that.

  37. Lauren Hamer (verified owner)

    Great item, can’t wait to give it to my friend for Christmas

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