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Fun reasons to start a local puzzle club

Looking for a new way to make friends or strengthen bonds with work pals? Or perhaps you’re just keen to find a new way to dive further into your obsession with jigsaw puzzles! Well, then we have just the thing for you! Puzzle clubs are a great chance to meet new puzzle lovers, learn new skills and strategies, and do even more puzzles.

Here are just a few reasons why we think you should take the plunge and start (or just join) a local puzzle club.

There are lots of reasons to join a local puzzle club

Forge friendships with other puzzlers

It’s not always easy to find others who share your hobbies, and jigsaw puzzle lovers are an especially niche group. Starting a puzzle club gives you the chance to find other puzzle nerds in your area!

You can set up a puzzling club within your sports league, workplace, or local community – you can even open the group up to let others join. Puzzle clubs are a perfect chance to bond with friends and family, too, and you don’t need to do anything formal, beyond setting a time and a place.

And, since there are puzzles out there for every age and stage, puzzle clubs are an all-ages activity. It could be a group with other parents at your children’s school, a workmate outing at a local bar, or anything in between!

Have a fun night in

Sometimes you’re not looking for a wild night out. Sometimes all you want is to go out, without the hassle of drinking, dancing and dressing up.

Puzzle clubs vary a lot and often you don’t even have to be working on the same puzzle as everyone else – the puzzle club just provides the excuse you need to enjoy a relaxed night of chatting and socialising! Rather invite people over, rather than go to a local puzzle club? We recently published a blog on jigsaw puzzle parties with some fun ideas on how to party with your puzzle pals.

Joining a local puzzle club can help you to discover new jigsaws and puzzle brands

Exchange your old puzzles (and get new ones!)

One of the best things about puzzle clubs is that you’ll always have new puzzles to try! Most puzzlers have some in their collection they’ve already completed and would love to swap it out for a new challenge.

Depending on the group, it can be a strict swap/trade or you can use the group to let members post their available puzzles and work out meet-ups individually. Whatever works for you and the group!

Tackle those epic puzzles

Is there a puzzle you’ve had your eye on but don’t really have the time or space to take on? Maybe one of those giant 5,000+ puzzles or even a more detailed and challenging design like our 1,000-piece monster SHELLS?

A puzzle club is a perfect chance to tackle those larger puzzles! Even one additional person working on a puzzle can significantly help speed it along. Think of what you could accomplish together! Who knows, get enough people together and maybe you could complete or beat the record for the world’s largest puzzle!

Learn new tips and tricks

Did you know there are different methods to nearly every step of the puzzling process? Some people like to dive right into constructing the frame. Some people like to thoroughly sort the pieces by colours and details while some like to sort by shapes or general colours! And some people have way more fun constructing their puzzles without using the box image. Everyone seems to have a different strategy when it comes to puzzles so these groups are great for learning new things.

Enjoy the health benefits of puzzling (yep, really!)

There are loads of health benefits to jigsaw puzzles, and doing them with a puzzle-loving friend group is even better! Reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s, boosts in mindfulness and stress relief, and short term memory improvement to name a few. And, when you puzzle with others, you’ll get all the benefits of socialising, too! 

There are lots of reasons to start a local puzzling group

Get new people on board the puzzle train

With technology working to meet all of our entertainment needs instantly, puzzling can a bit of an afterthought. Invite your younger family members, that video-game obsessed co-worker, or another parent from the school run. A puzzle club is a wonderful chance to show others the joy of taking a bit of a break from ‘real life’ and getting lost in a beautiful puzzle!

There are tons of reasons to start a jigsaw puzzle club. Start one in your area to find other puzzle lovers to exchange puzzles, get excited for new releases, share tips and tricks, and host puzzle parties! Got big plans for your puzzle club? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you get started. You can reach out to us here or on Facebook and Instagram.

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