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8 songs featuring jigsaw puzzles

Love has to be one of the most common themes in music, with personal tales of love, lust and heartbreak in every singer or band’s catalogue. So when the songwriters below sat down to pen these tunes, we guess they had one thing on their mind: their love of puzzles. OK this may not be entirely accurate, but nonetheless, they’ve come up with some great tracks that all feature our favourite pastime.

Jigsaw Puzzle – The Rolling Stones

We’ve already discovered that guitarist Ronnie Wood is a fan of puzzles, but when the Stones released this track back in 1968, it seems they weren’t up to speed with caring for their jigsaws. Mick Jagger sings, “I’m just trying to do my jigsaw puzzle, before it rains anymore”. Please don’t take your puzzles out in the rain.

Jigsaw Falling into Place – Radiohead

Isn’t it great when you’re having done of those days, when puzzling just seems to be going your way? We can’t guarantee that our puzzles will always be easy to solve, but we can assure you that each piece will fit with a satisfying ‘click’. Also, there is no need to do a Thom Yorke and wear a bicycle helmet while puzzling, unless you so choose.

Girl in a Jigsaw Puzzle – Katydids

Have you ever been so into your puzzling that you felt at one with the jigsaw? We can only imagine that’s what happened to the singer of the Katydids when she sang, “I’m just a girl in a jigsaw puzzle, trying hard not to fall apart.” No need to fall apart – try puzzle glue or stickers for keeping your finished puzzle together.

Puzzle Pieces – Justin Young

Now here’s a singer who can see the potential for romance with a good puzzle, singing “baby I just want to fit, back together like two puzzle pieces.” Completing a jigsaw can be a great way to get to know each other – try putting your heads together with our Flowers puzzle.

Stuck on the Puzzle – Alex Turner

It’s nice to hear someone so dedicated to their puzzling, as Alex Turner sings, “And I spend all night, stuck on the puzzle.” Some jigsaws can be real brain teasers, so if you ever get stuck like Alex, check out our guide on how to complete a jigsaw quickly.

Puzzle Pieces – Saint Motel

This band seems to be a little confused about how jigsaws work, or maybe they just need to find a better brand. Saint Motel sing about a “Face of puzzle pieces, that don’t fit together.” Erm, perhaps try a Cloudberries puzzle instead guys?

Jigsaw – Rufus

This disco hit features vocals by Chaka Khan, who signs to her man, “Loving you is like a puzzle,” which we can only assume she meant as a compliment. If this track has left you in an ‘80s mood, why not try our Poolside puzzle for a pure retro vibe.

Bad Bad Leroy Brown – Jim Croce

This song’s protagonist gets himself into a nasty bar room fight that leaves him a little worse for wear. “Leroy looked like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone.” A missing piece is a sad story for any puzzler, but don’t worry – we’re here to help if a piece ever goes missing.

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