9 celebrities that love a good puzzle

Do you ever wonder what the rich and famous do to unwind after a long day? You’ll be pleased to hear that a number of celebrities turn to the humble jigsaw puzzle to relax, keep their mind active or even just create something beautiful.

Some celebs are lifelong fans with a framed collection of their favourites, while others are new to the activity, having turned to puzzling as a way of keeping busy during time at home. Which one on this list of famous puzzlers is a surprise to you?

Hugh Jackman

Best known for his tough guy role as Wolverine, Jackman has revealed on his Instagram that he has a much softer side. The star of X-Men and Les Miserables has long been a fan of jigsaw puzzles, and often posts his ongoing projects on social media.

He caused something of a stir on his Instagram livestream when he was shown putting the final piece into a puzzle that had taken four months to complete, then tearing the whole thing apart in a matter of seconds.

Patrick Stewart

The star of Star Trek: Next Generation and X-Men has been a fan of the jigsaw puzzle for a number of years, referring to those that indulge in the pastime as a kind of “secret society”.

He recently revealed his particular puzzle tastes to Parade magazine “I only do 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles and I do all kinds of subjects. For me, it is one of the major points of relaxation. I have them framed. I have about 14 of them hanging on a staircase in our apartment in Brooklyn.”

Ellen Degeneres

The queen of daytime television entertained her fans during lockdown, posting videos of how she’s staying busy. In an effort to keep the boredom at bay, she took on the impressive challenge of completing a 4,000-piece puzzle, dubbing herself Ellen “Do It” Degeneres.

The talk show host quickly ran out of steam, complaining that “The hardest part is turning each and every one of these pieces over.”

Kylie Jenner

It seems like even having a billion dollars to your name can’t stop you from getting bored. The young reality star and make-up mogul apparently first took up puzzling when she was pregnant with her daughter, Stormi.

During lockdown, Jenner admitted she was returning to many of the pastimes she enjoyed during her pregnancy. “Puzzles — I did so many puzzles when I was pregnant. Puzzles [are] underrated.”

We think so too, Kylie!

Bill Gates

One of the world’s richest men, Gates still enjoys the simple pleasure that a jigsaw can bring. His wife, Melinda Gates, also shares his love, and the pair admit to getting identical puzzles in order to compete against each other. The Gates also say jigsaws are a must-pack item for any holiday.

Well, we’re all just regular poor people, and we think so too.

Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally

They say the couple that puzzles together stays together, and if that’s the case, this pair are in for a long marriage.

Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation) and Megan Mullallly (Will & Grace) have been sharing their finished jigsaw puzzles – and achieving #couplegoals – on Twitter since 2015. The two often get creative by recreating the finished image with themselves and their pets.

Ronnie Wood

They say rock ‘n’ roll will never die, but it seems some of its players can mellow a little in their old age.

Ronnie Wood, guitarist with the Rolling Stones, says he has traded his nights of drinking and drugs for boxsets and jigsaw puzzles, adding that puzzles are “good for the brain”.

Yes, Ronnie, much better than climbing trees for coconuts.

The Queen

It’s said that the late Queen (Elizabeth II) loved a puzzle too. The British monarch was a member of the British Jigsaw Puzzle Library and was said to borrow them for her winter stays at Sandringham. She also admitted that she prefers those without a picture on the box, as having the guide image makes it too easy.

Other notable mentions

There are plenty more celebrities who love puzzles. The American rock group Foo Fighters released a jigsaw puzzle during the pandemic (so maybe Dave Grohl is a secret puzzler as well as a guitarist and drummer). Spiderman actor Tobey Maguire has also admitted to speed puzzling, while model Olivia Frances Culpo has shared her puzzle progress with here 5 million+ Instagram followers.

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