6 of the best jigsaw puzzle accessories

If you’ve committed yourself to the wonderful world of jigsaw puzzles, there are plenty of ways you can up your puzzling game.  With the right accessories, you can enhance your experience by making it easier to sort and stack pieces, tidy your puzzles away or even frame your completed puzzles.

Whether you’re looking for gift for your favourite Puzzle Nerd®, or you just want to treat yourself to some new kit, here are some of the best jigsaw accessories for new or experienced puzzlers.

Puzzle boards

One problem that faces puzzle lovers is a lack of space. While the dining table is one of the best places to spread out your favourite 1000-piece puzzle, you’re then forced to pack things up when it’s time to eat. A puzzle board provides a sturdy working surface that can then easily be moved as needed.

In its simplest form a puzzle board should have a non-slip surface, and a raised edge to prevent pieces falling off the board. This one from Lavievert has the addition of four drawers underneath the board that can be used for storage or sorting.

Puzzle boards are great for keeping your puzzles in place
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Puzzle mats

If you’re looking for something even easier to store away than a puzzle board, a puzzle mat could be the best choice for you. The flexible surface means it can be rolled up with all puzzle pieces in place, and unrolled when you’re ready to get puzzling again. The other benefit of a roll up puzzle map is that it’s completely portable, meaning you can take your puzzles with you wherever you go.

This mat from Becko includes an inflatable tube to protect your puzzles when rolled up, and a handy drawstring bag for easy transport.

Roll up your puzzle mat for puzzling on the go
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Puzzle tables

Are you someone that always has a puzzle under construction? If so, you’ll probably want a more permanent place to set up your jigsaws. While you could use any type of table, investing in one made specifically for puzzles will get you some great features.

Look for a table with a tilting design to reduce strain on your back as you put the pieces together. This model has two side panels that can be used to sort and store puzzle pieces as you work.

Make puzzling more comfortable with a tilting puzzle table
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Sorting trays

Organising your pieces by colour, pattern or shape can be one of the best ways to get a handle on a puzzle, particularly the larger or more difficult ones. Sorting trays can help you here by letting you keep your sorted pieces separate, even when if you need to pack the puzzle away.

Stackable trays such as these from Becko will make the best use of space when storing your gear away. These trays include a clear lid to avoid accidental spills, and have a hexagonal shape so they can fit together neatly when in use.

Stackable puzzle trays can help you when sorting pieces
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Puzzle glue

When you’re working on a jigsaw with a beautiful design, like one of our awesome 1000-piece puzzles, it can be a shame to simply dismantle and pack the puzzle away when you’re done. We think our puzzles are just perfect for hanging on your wall, which is where puzzle glue comes in.

Specialised puzzle glue, rather than regular crafting glue, contains both an adhesive and a lacquer. This glue will not only hold your pieces together so that they can be framed, but also add a protective glossy finish.

You can glue your puzzles when finished
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Puzzle stickers

An alternative to traditional sticker glue is the use of sticker sheets. Some people prefer to use stickers as there’s no chance of any mess as there can be when gluing. The sticker sheets are attached to the back of the finished puzzle, while the front retains its original look. The puzzle is then ready for framing.

Puzzle stickers make a great alternative to glue when preserving jigsaw puzzles
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