Celestial Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

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Who needs a GPS for guidance when you’ve got this beautiful star chart? Here’s why Celestial is a truly out-of-this world jigsaw:

  • Puzzle your way across the night sky!
  • Super-detailed 1000-piece puzzle with beautiful vintage design
  • Designed in the UK and made in Europe
  • Extra-thick puzzle pieces that lock together perfectly
  • The matt linen coating reduces glare
  • Completed puzzle measures 68cm x 48.5cm
  • One tree planted for every puzzle sold. Full-size poster included.

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Our puzzle pieces are extra thick to make them long lasting and strong, and they fit together oh-so-perfectly every time. The pieces also have a beautiful textured linen finish, which helps to stop any pesky glare from putting you off your puzzling.


This puzzle is designed to be challenging, but it’s still a lot of fun to put together. Work your way through the constellations, finding intricate details along the way – from mythical birds and flying horses to hand-drawn signs of the zodiac.


Our jigsaw puzzles are designed in the UK for adults. Inspired by the worlds of art and design, they’re ideal for cosy evenings in, lazy Sunday mornings or friendly get-togethers.


We’re confident that you’ll love our Celestial puzzle. Not 100% satisfied? Just return it to us within 30 days for a full, no-hassle refund.

Additional information

Weight .780 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 6 cm
Difficulty level


Piece count

1000 pieces

55 reviews for Celestial Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

  1. David Hogarth

    I have to recommend Cloudberries to every jigsaw puzzler. The product is first class, linen finish so no glare, NO CARDBOARD DUST, enticing and challenging artwork, snug fitting pieces so easy to confirm correct fit but not too tight making disassembling a chore, and a poster the size of the finished puzzle making it easy for puzzle time to be shared time.
    My absolute favourite jigsaw company. Celestial has been one of the most challenging and so satisfying puzzles we’ve done.

    I wonder which puzzle is next …

  2. Amber H

    I love cloudberries puzzle I enjoy putting them together & a lot of fun the quality of the pieces are great yes you able to pick the pieces and move them around they are my favorite puzzle brand

  3. Andrea J

    Lovely jigsaw to do. There was a piece missing but the company immediately sent a replacement!

  4. Jeremy Owens (verified owner)

    A lot of great reviews so not need for me to elaborate too much. Beautiful Cloudberries quality. I did not have the issue some had with no insert poster. I had one included it was beautiful, tbh. Great puzzle. Complex enough to be fun, but lots of distinct colors and text for easy sorting.

  5. Anna

    I love Cloudberries puzzles and this one is a lot of fun. Excellent customer service too – my box was missing the full-size poster, and the company was quick to send me a replacement. I’ll definitely be purchasing more puzzles in the future!

  6. elvorft (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous puzzle, and a lot of fun to put together. Good variety of section textures and colours. Not especially tricky, as the central section is full of labels and unique images, but will definitely be doing this one multiple times!

  7. Mary Sonja Tudor (verified owner)

    Really beautiful puzzle and image, I really appreciate the full sized poster! I bought it as a Christmas gift for myself and was not disappointed.

  8. Nina (verified owner)

    Cloudberries jigsaws are the best.The pieces are solid, large insert poster/guide, and the images are a mindful joy. I can’t stop buying them!

  9. galaleogran987 (verified owner)

    🙂 my nephews are studying astronomy. Celestial Jigsaw Puzzle has become the perfect gift – funny and informative.

  10. Deb Tanner

    Over lockdowns (assorted) I’ve become pretty fussy about my jigsaws, so Cloudberries has been a great discovery. Really interesting subjects – Celestial was SUCH a pleasure to complete – excellent quality and impressively quick delivery, so I’ve just bought two more. Also, everyone at Cloudberries sounds lovely (which is a refreshing change!). I hope they go from strength to strength.

  11. Anthony Todd

    Our family puzzler group (age range 60 to 14) rated this the best puzzle we’d ever undertaken. Interesting content, challenging but not impossible and plenty of variety. Well constructed, and we appreciated the personal message from Bob at Cloudberries to thank us for our order. A nice touch!!

  12. Quynh

    It was during the middle of lockdown that I had the urge to fill my long and boring days with a jigsaw puzzle. The only problem was finding one that would not only challenge me, but also keep me entertained and interested enough to complete it. Cloudberries was a site that I stumbled upon after trying to find visually-pleasing and high quality jigsaws. Celestial Jigsaw Puzzle was the first puzzle I ordered from Cloudberries and after seeing many high rated reviews and media exposures I couldn’t wait for mine to be delivered.

    The puzzle arrived very quickly and securely packed and upon opening it I found some personal touches that were really thoughtful, which only made me appreciate the little details Cloudberries put into for their customers. And after 5 days of on-and-off completing the puzzle, the concluding image was amazing, leaving me to feel fully satisfied and happy with the experience. The puzzle really was smooth and of excellent quality, a beautiful design, and it challenging but not too much to want to make you give up.

    I’m definitely going to purchase more puzzles from Cloudberries as they have more beautiful designs that I am interested in. I look forward to seeing what other puzzles Cloudberries produce in the future.

  13. Lizzy B

    Delivered promptly and well packed. Loved the little welcome badge! Great quality and beautifully made; I agree with other reviewers that a larger insert of the image would be useful, but it certainly didn’t take away from the enjoyment of puzzling and certainly added to the challenge! Look forward to buying a second Cloudberries soon ??

  14. Manelphe (verified owner)

    One of my favorite jigsaw puzzles 🙂

  15. Rick Morris (verified owner)

    Fran L – What a great puzzle and what BRILLIANT service! Really helpful from start to finish, and great quality. Thanks for making this Christmas more fun than it could have been in 2020!

  16. Maddy (verified owner)

    So beautiful, lovely quality and a great challenge. I plan to frame it because it’s so lovely!

  17. Kim (verified owner)

    This was a present and the recipients were very happy.

  18. Kate McGann (verified owner)

    I love this design! It’s so interesting, I can’t wait to complete it and frame it! It arrived so quickly, I think this is an amazing company.

  19. Louise Brown

    This is a beautiful, challenging and addictive puzzle. I bought it for my husband and I have become rather obsessed! We do need to use a magnifying glass as the image on the box is very detailed and a bit small.

  20. Doug (verified owner)

    My partner loved doing this jigsaw, the picture is beautiful and the pieces are high quality.

  21. Georgina Brisk

    Our puzzles arrived quickly and nicely packaged with a personal touch. Celestial was very interesting and a little challenging! Looking forward to getting started on Outpost. We’ve become puzzle nerds, for sure!

  22. Jodie Elms (verified owner)

    The puzzles arrive very quickly, look just lovely, will make fab Xmas pressies… and the customer service has been excellent! Highly recommended.

  23. morgan lines (verified owner)

    Gorgeous puzzle! The pieces are cut very well so its hard to go wrong in areas that look similar. I bought this for myself after being gifted a 500 poiece puzzle from Cloudberries and I’ve loved completing both

  24. Tabitha (verified owner)

    What a lovely puzzle! Arrived quickly and the puzzle itself is of a very high quality. Will be recommending to anyone that will listen! Cannot wait to start the next one!

  25. gemma.ryles

    Amazing puzzle. I’ve completed it twice. The pieces are thick and don’t bend and the colours are vibrant. Really satisfying to sit and finish this, one of my favourite ones I’ve tried from here.

  26. Georgina Hunt (verified owner)

    I can’t really review as I’ve bought this my Auntie as a gift but looks amazing.

  27. Jacqui (verified owner)

    I’ve been doing jigsaws since I was a child (longer than I care to think). Cloudberries puzzles are the best I’ve found. Great quality and great designs. This Celestial puzzle was great to do I loved seeing the zodiac signs coming together. Good job Cloudberries!

  28. Jo (verified owner)

    Puzzle perfectly made, challenging and interesting to build. Excellent customer service. Looking forward to my next puzzle

  29. dawnpretorius (verified owner)

    Lovely puzzle and just enough of a challenge! Pity there is no poster (hence the missing star in my review) But the lovely team emailed me a high resolution pic to work from which helped. Very lovely finish to the puzzle pieces. Highly recommend!

  30. Kirsten McLachlan (verified owner)

    Lovely puzzle! Great quality and beautiful image!
    My 3rd Cloudberries puzzle!

  31. Henry Seales (verified owner)

    Great puzzle well made the only downside was as others have said would have been good to have a bigger picture to work off and not just the box lid but that just made it a bit more challenging will be purchasing another one

  32. Niamh (verified owner)

    I loved this puzzle. It was very challenging but the design is beautiful and we had a lot of fun finishing it. The quality of the puzzle is fantastic, the pieces fit very snug and it could easily be wall mounted in a frame but you can also take it apart and the quality won’t be affected. The design is so intricate that I don’t doubt this would be challenging to complete multiple times.

  33. Dean (verified owner)

    As always excellent quality puzzle interesting and challenging design
    loved it looking forward to the shells one next

  34. Natasha McMillan (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant! Great family time spending evenings working together during lockdown trying to solve what was a real challenge for us all. I thought two teenage boys would find it boring and longing to go back to their gaming but they loved spending time working through it, coming back to it night after night. I agree about the point of only have one picture on the box, but the boys took a picture on their phones which when zoomed in gave all the details. Who says you can’t use your phone to do a jigsaw?? I have bought a second and have come back for a third but most seem out of stock. Glad to you your success under lockdown, you deserve it!

  35. natalie (verified owner)

    A really lovely and unique puzzle and excellent customer service from cloudberries, my only request would be a slightly bigger fold out picture of the puzzle as you only have the small image on the box. Makes it very hard to see some of the pieces.

  36. Laura wickjng (verified owner)

    Really lovely jigsaw, great quality and interesting picture to do

  37. Amy (verified owner)

    Really love this puzzle. Great design without too many pieces of the same colour. Just the right amount of challenge for me.

  38. Deborah Dudgeon (verified owner)

    Lovely quality jigsaw and beautiful design. And really impressive friendly service. Will definitely order again

  39. Chelsea (verified owner)

    Fantastic engaging puzzle! Recommended to family and now they are also hooked. Looking forward to the Shell Puzzle next.

  40. Fiona (verified owner)

    Wonderful puzzle, excellent quality! We completed it in 11hours while watching a TV series in lockdown/isolation and then dreamt of puzzle pieces.

  41. cathal stockdale

    an amazingly beautiful piece, pieces went together smoothly and I didn’t go blind working on a single colour for hours

  42. Katy Morgan

    This is a beautiful puzzle!
    Not only that, but if your dog manages to eat a puzzle piece, an extremely lovely guy called Steve is there to give you all the help you need to complete the puzzle.

    I cant thank you enough Steve as it’s the worst thing when you are missing a piece. Exceptional customer service from these guys

  43. Robyn

    My first adult jigsaw and I loved it. Lovely quality and this puzzle was challenging but not unmanageable.Great gift and superb for winter. Great puzzle to start with before more demanding ones perhaps!

  44. Lucy (verified owner)

    I LOVED doing this puzzle… and so did my parents! Even with 3 of us doing it, we still came across some small difficulties, and it was slow progress, but that’s what I loved about it 🙂
    So glad I purchased it for over the Christmas period.
    The only note I would say is that other people purchasing it should be aware that there is no fold-out inside the box… you have one photo and that’s the one on the box.
    It was sometimes annoying as it’s so small, but that added to the challenge so it’s still 5 stars 😉

  45. Frances Walls

    I was given this puzzle as a gift, excellent quality, I recommend this very interesting puzzle.

  46. claire.perier (verified owner)

    I had a shiny version of this puzzle when I was a child and it was a pleasure to complete again. Great quality and prompt delivery! However the picture on the box is smaller than other brands due to the shape of the box, making it harder to see small details. With an bigger version inside it would be 5 stars for sure.

  47. Jill McCormac (verified owner)

    Nicely designed and crafted puzzle. Interesting image to put together. Very quick delivery. Was a gift, and the recipient was thrilled!

  48. Karen Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    Omg! These puzzles are gorgeous and beautifully crafted! Love!!

  49. Laura Evans

    Quick and as expected.

  50. Karen Sweeney (verified owner)

    Puzzles arrived well-packed and quickly! Starting on Celestial–good quality puzzle! Looking forward to “puzzling” my other Cloudberries puzzles.

  51. M H Farmer

    it will be the ideal present for our friend

  52. kbrunjes (verified owner)

    Excellent, communicative and helpful seller (they combo shipped two separate orders for me, all with a smile). Love the art! Thank you! We are super excited to ‘puzzle’ (…come the shorter sunlight days of the year). A 5 Star Seller, for sure.

  53. Catriona (verified owner)

    Quick postage and a lovely quality looking item.

  54. Laurence the Parrot

    Arrived on time. The size of the puzzle is mentioned on the box on the side at the top and is 69 x 49 cm.

  55. Joanna Way

    The puzzle itself is great, But, there is no insert, indication of size when complete or instructions. So all you have to go on is the picture on the box – which is small. Shame. it would have been a 5 stars with that.

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Celestial jigsaw puzzle for adults from Cloudberries

Celestial Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

US $24.99

In stock