Make your own jigsaw puzzle! Here’s everything you need

Imagine how cool it would be if you could make your own puzzles with the beautiful designs from Cloudberries. Well, guess what? We made it happen! We’re sharing mini versions of our most epic jigsaw puzzles so you can print them out and make your very own jigsaw puzzles at home!

Our templates will help you get started with a simple ‘make your own puzzle’ project that’s perfect for a rainy day. You might not get the perfect cut or quality you’re used to on our puzzles, but we think you’ll have a lotta fun trying this craft project – especially if there are kids or other newbie puzzle nerds who want to get involved! 

How to make your own jigsaw puzzle:

Creating your own 50-piece Cloudberries puzzle at home isn’t a super high-tech project, but you will need a few basic bits and pieces to get started.

Materials you’ll need:

  • A comfortable workspace with plenty of space for preparing the puzzle (the kitchen table will do!)
  • 1 printed Cloudberries puzzle template, for the top layer
  • A few sheets of card for the back of the puzzle*
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 bottle of craft glue or PVA

* See below for tips on which paper and card to use!

You can print out these jigsaw puzzles

Ready, set, puzzle!

Step one:

Download our puzzle templates. Fill in the super-simple form below and you’ll receive a link to the templates via email. Check your junk folder if they don’t show up!

Step two:

Get printing! Choose any (or all) of our templates to download and print out the puzzle image for the top layer. Any letter-sized paper or A4 will do, but we recommend using thicker white paper (approx 120-140 gsm) with a matt finish, if possible.

Step three:

Prepare the back of the puzzle. This is the part you’re going to stick the top layer to. You can use any thin cardboard to make your puzzle pieces feel a little sturdier. If you want thicker and more realistic puzzles, glue two or three of these boards on top of each other. Allow each layer to dry first before pasting your top layer onto them. Be super careful now not to get glue on that pretty top layer!

Step four:

Ready your scissors and start cutting the puzzle pieces! Use the dotted lines provided as a guide for cutting the puzzle. The more carefully you cut, the better the pieces will fit together! Eco tip: We highly encourage you to get creative and re-use paper and card where possible! You can learn more about our efforts to reduce our environmental impact here.

Get your templates here!

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The puzzles you can print with our templates:

Choose from any of these puzzles! These are all free and you can download as many designs as you want!


Meet the Gradient jigsaw from Cloudberries! It’s no ordinary jigsaw, and that’s the way we like it. Join the mindfulness revolution and while away blissful hours with this jigsaw puzzle that’s handsome enough to hang on your wall, or just leave out on your coffee table. Buy the real puzzle here.


Bit of an adventurer, eh? See if you can conquer Mountain as fast as our master puzzlers! It’s been specially designed to be challenging to put together. But it isn’t impossible to complete and is actually a lot easier than it looks – just follow the gentle colour changes and let your intuition guide you to the top of the mountain! Buy the real puzzle here.


Take a step back from the screen and embrace your inner square with this pretty pixelated jigsaw puzzle from Cloudberries! This is a fresh new twist on our original gradient jigsaw puzzle, with 280 individually coloured sections to piece together. Buy the real puzzle here.

Origami is a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle for grown ups


Do you have a black belt in origami? Then you’re going to love this cool, 1000-piece puzzle, which takes inspiration from the Land of the Rising Sun. We folded every single one of these pretty paper cranes to make our Origami puzzle fly right into your arms. Buy the real puzzle here.

Still undecided? Here’s why you should consider trying our print-out DIY puzzles:

1. Practice your arts and crafts skills.

This mini-project could be the art practice you’ve been needing! Sure it’s just a cut, print, paste sort of thing but remember – it takes a lot of skill to craft a neat, replayable puzzle with just your house materials! This is your chance to test your resourcefulness and creativity.

2. Take a quick breather after a long day at work.

It’ll take about 40 minutes to an hour to complete one of our print-out DIY puzzles. If you’re looking for a quick but productive break after a tiring day, go play some music and create your own jigsaw puzzles! These puzzle-friendly podcasts are also worth a listen.

3. It’s a fun activity to try out with loved ones, especially with kids!

This activity is a really unique way to get your kids into arts and crafts, as well as allow them to practice their motor and communication skills! Even the actual puzzle solving is good for you!

4. An adorable cost-minimal gift of love!

When it comes to special occasions, nothing beats personalized gifts. Why not surprise your loved ones with a puzzle you made yourself? Even better, try solving the puzzle with them!

5. Test run to see if puzzles are your kind of thing

Another cool thing about our templates is that they’re really beginner-friendly – just 50 pieces per design! If you’re new to the world of puzzling and you just want to see how you get along, this is a fun place to start. We’re pretty sure you’re gonna want more though…so get ready!

More extremely nerdy puzzle things we’ve made:

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay to download the templates?
No, we’re sharing our designs for free! Just sign-up here to get yours!

How many templates am I allowed to download?
We’ll send you all four of the designs as soon as you sign up.

Do you have templates for other Cloudberries puzzles?
Currently, all the designs with available templates are on this page. Hopefully we can add in a couple more some time soon!

Why can’t I download the puzzles via the link I received?
If you’ve received our email but are having problems downloading the template, please contact us at: and we’ll help!

I already signed-up for the templates… why haven’t I received my email yet?
Please check your junk folder! If it still doesn’t show up after 15 mins or so, please email us:

This looks difficult. What should I do?
These craft projects can be fiddly, but don’t worry! The puzzles don’t have to be perfect, it’s all about the fun in making them! Check out our how-to article on this page for some extra help!

Still prefer a proper puzzle?

For the best jigsaw experience, nothing beats a proper Cloudberries puzzle! Here are some designs we think you’ll love!

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