Gradient Puzzles

Gradient puzzles by Cloudberries

So you want a gradient puzzle?

Jigsaw puzzles are cool again, and if you haven’t already got one, you NEED to try one of our gradient puzzles. What’s a gradient puzzle? Well, unlike classic jigsaws that feature an image that needs reassembling, gradient puzzles are pure, vivid colour.

The idea is that the colour changes slowly from one side to the other, creating a calming gradient puzzle that’s a total joy to complete. There’s more than one way to make a gradient puzzle, too – whether you’re looking for a full colour spectrum puzzle that works through all the colours of the rainbow, a colour wheel puzzle, or a design that has smaller sections of gradient, we’ve got something for you!

Puzzles you’ll just love

True puzzle nerds never back down from a challenge, and our gradient puzzles certainly can get tricky. But they’re not as difficult as they seem, and the real joy is soaking up all that colour! Some puzzlers say putting together a Cloudberries gradient jigsaw is the ultimate form of chilling out – you can while away hours in mindful bliss as you put each rainbow puzzle piece into place. Sitting down to a colour gradient puzzle is the perfect way to relax and unwind if you’ve had a stressful day, or just want a break from those boring puzzles someone bought you for Christmas. And, like all Cloudberries puzzles, our gradient puzzles are designed to look and feel amazing.

Made in Europe

Made in Europe

Our jigsaw puzzles are designed in the UK and made right here in Europe to the highest possible standards. We use FSC board for a more sustainable puzzling experience.

Elegant puzzle boxes

Elegant design

We think every part of a jigsaw puzzle should be beautiful – including the box! Our puzzles come in sturdy, elegant boxes that you’ll be proud to show off. No more hiding your puzzles!

Puzzle piece

Durable pieces

We use extra-thick puzzle board and add a durable linen finish to help prevent pesky glare from putting you off your puzzling. We also use sustainably sourced paper and board.

Perfect for puzzle nerds

We love puzzlers

Our puzzle boffins work tirelessly to make sure fellow nerds are happy! Problem with your puzzle? Just let us know and we’ll put things right.

See how much fun our gradient puzzles are to put together!

Videos courtesy of KarenPuzzles/YouTube

Who are gradient puzzles for?

While it might seem that these colour spectrum puzzles are only for the most serious of puzzle nerds, you’ll be pleased to hear that even puzzle newbies can take on the challenge with confidence! There might not be an image to guide you, but the gentle gradations of colour will help you locate exactly where each carefully-crafted piece needs to go. In these rainbow gradient puzzles, you’ll find that each piece is a slightly different colour, and you’ll know it’s the right spot when you hear that satisfying ‘click’. And of course, our gradient selection is the perfect gift for anyone who wants a bit of extra colour in their lives, from the classic colour spectrum jigsaw puzzle we call GRADIENT, to the pastel paradise of CRYSTALS.

Which gradient puzzle is right for you?

If you want the classic experience, start with our very first gradient puzzle, the simple yet elegant 1000-piece colour spectrum puzzle known as GRADIENT. Since then we’ve found some cool ways to incorporate the idea of gradients into our designs, resulting a whole collection of rainbow jigsaw puzzles.

For lovers of the classic who want more time with their jigsaw, our GRADIENT design is now available as a 2000-piece option – the extra-large colour gradient puzzle will give you hours of entertainment.

PIXELS takes the idea of a gradient and breaks it down into manageable chunks, with bite-sized pieces that work through the entire colour spectrum. MOUNTAIN is perfect for lovers of minimalism, with three separate gradient sections that form a colourful peak.

Bring out your inner nerd with GEOMETRY, a puzzle that manages to make maths fun! The design features nine panels, with each layering a geometric shape over a subtle colour gradient.

For puzzle lovers who want to dip their toes into the world of gradients, but still love having an image they can work with, then our CANVAS and CRYSTALS puzzles might be the perfect fit. CANVAS was inspired by colour theory illustrations for artists, incorporating gradients as part of the palette. For a very subtle gradient, try our tricky CRYSTALS jigsaw. It’s a precious dreamworld featuring gemstones in all different shapes and sizes, with each part backed up by a neat pastel gradient.

Gradient 1000 puzzle
Canvas colour rainbow puzzle
Mountain gradient puzzle
Pixels 1000 piece jigsaw
Crystals 1000 piece puzzle
Geometry puzzle by Cloudberries

What people are saying about our puzzles:

  • The 2000 piece Gradient puzzle from Cloudberries

    2000-Piece Gradient Puzzle (2000 pieces) (£20.83)
    reviewed by Robert van Tol

    My graphic designer partner slumped herself over this puzzle as she put in place the 2,000th piece, exclaiming "God I love colour". Best puzzle ever for a colour-lover to lose themselves in and properly relax.

    View this product →
  • The original Gradient jigsaw puzzle from Cloudberries

    Gradient Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces) (£14.16)
    reviewed by Jill Waite

    This was my first Cloudberries jigsaw but I’ve been a jigsaw fan for many years. This appealed because my favourite part of landscape puzzles is the sky. As others have commented, it’s so well made and very therapeutic to do. I didn’t find it as challenging as I thought it might be but I think the quality of the cut was a big factor in that. It was clear if a piece fitted or not. I’m really looking forward to buying other Cloudberries puzzles and hope they’re back in stock soon.

    View this product →
  • Crystals jigsaw puzzle for adults from Cloudberries

    Crystals Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces) (£14.16)
    reviewed by Stewart Ship

    Got this for my birthday! Great quality and a really good challenge. Definitely buying another one!

    View this product →
  • The original Gradient jigsaw puzzle from Cloudberries

    Gradient Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces) (£14.16)
    reviewed by Rowena Ashby

    I honestly can't describe how much I enjoyed doing this and I can't wait to do it again. Not only does it look wonderful, it's great quality too!
    Thank you <3

    View this product →
  • Pixels 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle from Cloudberries

    Pixels Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces) (£14.16)
    reviewed by lauren

    I bought this after seeing Gradient was sold out - I thought it would be too difficult to be "fun" but not at all! Very, very satisfying to sort the pieces into colors and get going strong. Plenty of tougher areas that keep it on the challenging side but overall very enjoyable. My second puzzle from the company and just as high quality as the first one.

    View this product →
  • The original Gradient jigsaw puzzle from Cloudberries

    Gradient Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces) (£14.16)
    reviewed by Alex

    Most beautiful jigsaw ever! Just handling the pieces is wonderful, the colours are lovely and it fits together so well you can pickup the complete jigsaw and hold it up vertically. Using the colours as a key made it easier than we expected but the satisfaction of fitting the colourful pieces together more than makes up for it.

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  • Canvas jigsaw puzzle for adults, by

    Canvas Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces) (£14.16)
    reviewed by someguywhatruns

    Excellent puzzle. Very well designed, each section has enough of a difference to be able to tell them apart, so you can separate out each section, but they're close enough in design so there's a challenge to doing it. The overall picture is cool too, very good jigsaw altogether, will buy more products 🙂

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  • Mountain is a cool 1000-piece gradient jigsaw by Cloudberries

    Mountain Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces) (£14.16)
    reviewed by M Szwedowski

    This is probably the best puzzle I_ve done. Really challenging but the colors are awesome and the quality is really good. The pieces are thick and well cut. Would try this brand again!

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The Cloudberries pledge

At Cloudberries we’re not just about great design, we’ve also made a commitment to quality and sustainability. We make all our jigsaws here in Europe to the highest possible standards, using only FSC certified paper and board.

Not only that, we’ve made a pledge to plant one tree for every puzzle sold. Whether you buy through our online store, through our shop on Amazon, or one of our carefully selected stockists, your purchase will help some of the world’s most fragile natural environments. We’re the first and only puzzle brand to have made this promise.

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Gradient puzzles can be a lot of fun to put together