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Cool jigsaw puzzle videos

See our puzzles in action! If you’re still deciding which of our beautiful puzzles to buy, maybe seeing each of them up close will help you out. Browse through this dazzling collection of videos featuring the best of Cloudberries jigsaw puzzles and see for yourself just how fun and intricate our designs are!

500-piece puzzle videos

Watch now: Fantastic 1000-piece BREAKFAST puzzle from Cloudberries
See in action: 1000-piece BUILDINGS puzzle from Cloudberries
Close-up video feature of the colourful 1000-piece  CASCADE puzzle by Cloudberries
Explore this plantastic 500-piece Cloudberries puzzle called COURTYARD!
We made jigsaw puzzle history with CROWDBERRIES, an epic 500-piece jigsaw by Cloudberries!
Add a new dimension to your puzzling with Cloudberries’ 500-piece 3D puzzle DINOSAURS
Can’t get enough of GRADIENT? Check out this 500-piece version from Cloudberries
Take a peek at HIDEAWAY, a 500-piece Cloudberries jigsaw filled with soothing and gorgeous colors
It’s all about flower power with PETALS – Cloudberries’ new 1000-piece puzzle
This epic 3D puzzle SPACE is an exciting Cloudberries design you can’t miss
View this dreamy 500-piece WHALE puzzle from Cloudberriess

1000-piece puzzle videos

Close-up shots of AQUATIC, the amazing fish-themed 1000-piece puzzle by Cloudberries
BACKYARD puzzles in action: 1000-piece garden-themed puzzle by Cloudberries
See the gorgeous BLOOM puzzle up-close, a 1000-piece flower puzzle by Cloudberries
Catch BOTANY, a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle beauty from Cloudberries 
Another awesome video for 1000-piece puzzle CANVAS by Cloudberries is up! 
Travel to the stars with CELESTIAL, a magnificent 1000-piece puzzle from Cloudberries
See the stylish 1000-piece jigsaw CHROMATIC by Cloudberries

Take a peek at our 1000-piece puzzle CROSSROADS in this cool video!
Prepare to be dazzled by CRYSTALS – a vibrant 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle by Cloudberries
CURIOSITIES puzzle in action – colorful 1000-piece puzzle by Cloudberries
Cloudberries’ new 1000-piece puzzle DAYDREAM is waiting for you!
Exciting 1000-piece DOODLE puzzle by Cloudberries: An up-close preview!

Visit dreamland with this gorgeous 1000-piece puzzle by Cloudberries called DREAMSCAPE!
Sneak peek of the magical 1000-piece Cloudberries puzzle EGYPTOLOGY
Get fancy with EPICUREAN – Cloudberries’ beautiful 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle

Watch this awesome video of the 1000-piece puzzle FAUNA from Cloudberries!

Look: Gorgeous 1000-piece puzzle FEAST from Cloudberries! 

Check out FLOWERS, an elegant 1000-piece jigsaw by Cloudberries!
Get this stunning 1000-piece GEOMETRY puzzle by Cloudberries  
See an incredible burst of colors with Cloudberries’ 1000-piece GRADIENT puzzle!

GREEN is Cloudberries’ latest 1000-piece puzzle that you just can’t miss!
Catch HANDS in this video – another must-buy 1000-piece puzzle by Cloudberries!
WATCH: Epic 1000-piece Cloudberries’ jigsaw puzzle called HARVEST!
Check out HYBRIDS, an elegant 1000-piece puzzle from Cloudberries
Take a glimpse at LONDON, a stunning 1000-piece Cloudberries jigsaw puzzle
Tough enough for the MOUNTAIN? Check this cool 1000-piece puzzle by Cloudberries!
ORIGAMI at a glance: relaxing 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle by Cloudberries
See this cool 1000-piece Cloudberries puzzle called OUTPOST
Don’t miss out on this exciting 1000-piece design by Cloudberries called PANTRY
Stunning shots of PATCHWORK, the extra-detailed 1000-piece jigsaw by Cloudberries
Awesome shots of PIXELS, a unique 1000-piece gradient puzzle by Cloudberries!
Get refreshed with this 1000-piece beauty called POOLSIDE
This puzzle is bursting with color! Look at Cloudberries’ 1000-piece puzzle called ROOSTER
Don’t miss this feature of SHELLS, a classic 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle from Cloudberries!
Don’t miss this cool feature of SKYLINE, the urban-inspired 1000-piece jigsaw by Cloudberries!
Can you handle SYMMETRY? Check out this intriguing 1000-piece puzzle from Cloudberries!
Watch this trippy video feature of WAVES, a 1000-piece retro puzzle by Cloudberries!

2000-piece puzzle videos

GRADIENT goes extra! See the 2000-piece Cloudberries Gradient puzzle in this video
Check out the busy streets of METROPOLIS, an awesome 2000-piece Cloudberries puzzle