Chromatic is a challenging 1000-piece puzzle for adults with a trippy design

Packed with vivid colours and unusual shapes that seem to melt into one another, CHROMATIC is probably the trippiest 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle in the whole Cloudberries range. We took a moment to catch up with Fanny Papay, the brilliant Budapest-based artist behind the design, to see what other fun designs […]

Interview about Cloudberries puzzles

We’re back, puzzle fans! For the next part of our Meet the artist series, please let us introduce you to Vicki Johnson (AKA Printer Johnson), the amazing artist behind our puzzles HIDEAWAY and ROOSTER. We love Vicki’s bright, bold designs, which appear on everything from paper stationery to wall art, […]

Gather round green-fingered garden-lovers! If you love the bold colours of our latest flower puzzle, BLOOM, and are eager to learn who’s responsible for another one of these brilliant Cloudberries designs – we’ve got what you’re looking for! Learn more about the artist who made this gorgeous puzzle blossom in […]

Pinball Astronaut by Brad Albright

The most awesome puzzles usually have the best backstories! Wanna find out more about the artist behind our epic new 3D jigsaw puzzles SPACE and DINOSAURS and his journey – via pinball, death metal and oodles of good coffee – to become the gnarliest, most talented 3D artist ever to grace […]

Waves is a fun 1000-piece gradient puzzle by Cloudberries

For the nerdy puzzler, nothing beats the satisfaction of putting together subtle colour gradients that just seem to flow easily, like those in our new puzzles WAVES and CASCADE. Who’s the master colour blender behind these two new puzzles? Meet Philadelphia-based artist Rachel Breeden of Circa 78 Designs! In this […]

Backyard puzzle from Cloudberries

Ahh… nothing beats that gorgeous garden view right outside your doorstep. If you’re a plant-lover looking to find the next perfect puzzle to try, then we have just the thing for you. Get lost among dreamy pinks and lush greens with our latest 1000-piece beauty, BACKYARD! Of course, this super-cool […]

London is a new, architecture-inspired puzzle by Cloudberries

One of our coolest 1000-piece puzzles yet, LONDON takes you on a tour of the British capital’s architectural highlights, from St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tate Modern to the London Eye. But who’s behind the elegant line drawings that make the puzzle come to life? Meet Amalia Sanchez de la […]

Meet the artist who designed our Symmetry puzzle

If you’re a fan of Cloudberries puzzles (well, you’re here, after all!), you might have found yourself wondering how we come up with such colourful, creative and sometimes challenging images. Well sometimes we get help from truly gifted artists whose work we love. One of these talented folks is London-based […]

Cronicas Puzzleras is one of the best puzzle blogs online!

We’re big fans of Cronicas Puzzleras, the Spanish puzzle bloggers who review puzzles (including several of our own) and have been attending puzzle competitions since 2016. We got the chance to interview Jimena, who runs the blog with her partner Jose Luis, and got to learn more about them, their […]

If you’ve ever searched ‘jigsaw puzzle’ on Youtube, you’ve seen her videos. Karen Kavett (Karen Puzzles) is one of the biggest names in the puzzle world. Her Youtube channel is full of beautiful time-lapse videos of her completing puzzles of all shapes and sizes, plus honest and helpful reviews on […]