Abstract Puzzles

Cloudberries creates cool, abstract puzzles

Meet the world’s coolest abstract puzzles!

Prepare yourself for loads of awesome, mind-boggling fun with these premium puzzles from Cloudberries! Expect loads of cool colours, unusual shapes and unexpected patterns – these nifty puzzles are a very long way from the classic jigsaws of old. All of our puzzles are made right here in Europe using sustainably sourced paper and cardboard, AND we plant a tree for every single puzzle sold.

Not sure where to start? Here are some of our best-selling designs, featuring bold geometric shapes, colour gradients and even weird and wonderful dreamworlds. Say hello to a new kind of jigsaw!

Puzzles you’ll just love

Our abstract puzzles might seem challenging at first, but they’ve all been designed with fun and satisfaction in mind! Our puzzle nerds have spent hundreds of hours mastering the art of puzzle design, to make sure that each and every Cloudberries puzzle looks and feels amazing. Here’s what make our puzzles different from the rest:

Made in Europe

Made in Europe

Our jigsaw puzzles are designed in the UK and made right here in Europe to the highest possible standards. We use FSC board for a more sustainable puzzling experience.

Elegant puzzle boxes

Elegant design

We think every part of a jigsaw puzzle should be beautiful – including the box! Our puzzles come in sturdy, elegant boxes that you’ll be proud to show off. No more hiding your puzzles!

Puzzle piece

Durable pieces

We use extra-thick puzzle board and add a durable linen finish to help prevent pesky glare from putting you off your puzzling. We also plant a tree for every Cloudberries puzzle sold.

Perfect for puzzle nerds

We love puzzlers

Our puzzle boffins work tirelessly to make sure fellow nerds are happy! Problem with your puzzle? Just let us know and we’ll put things right.

See our puzzles in action!

Video courtesy of KarenPuzzles/YouTube

Who are abstract puzzles for?

At first it might seem like abstract puzzles are just for arty types and hardcore puzzle nerds, but even total noobs will have a lot of fun putting these jigsaws together. Easy-peasy puzzles like GEOMETRY are perfect for beginners, while more complex designs like SYMMETRY offer a bit more of a challenge! Can’t decide which one to try first? Check out our quick-start guide below!

Which one will you try first?

For something truly off the wall, get started with DOODLE, a 1000-piece puzzle that’s full of strangely satisfying contours and colours — it’s the perfect design for nerds taking their first steps into the world of abstract puzzles. Another cool option is the kaleidoscopic puzzle we call CHROMATIC, which pops with loads of psychedelic splashes of colour.

You could also try out CANVAS, with its vintage-style illustrations inspired by colour theory. Wanna travel to another world? Try OUTPOST, a sci-fi-themed puzzle that’ll take you out of this world and into a challenge you can’t resist!

Other cool options include MOUNTAIN, a more challenging take on our classic GRADIENT puzzle, or GEOMETRY, a much easier multi-coloured puzzle that’s perfect for puzzle and maths nerds alike.

Once you’re in the groove, you might also wanna try the bright, rainbow-colored puzzle called PIXELS! Or travel to Egypt with EGYPTOLOGY, a super-cool 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle that blends golden stars with rich shades of red and blue. It’s definitely one for the wall when you’re finished!

If you’re feeling really brave, take on the beautiful beast of a puzzle we call SYMMETRY, which features two identical sides, each with a slightly different cut.

Fun, retro style puzzle called POOLSIDE from Cloudberries
Vintage-themed puzzle called CANVAS from Cloudberries

What people say about our abstract puzzles:

one tree planted for every puzzle sold seal by Cloudberries

The Cloudberries pledge

Here at Cloudberries, we commit to both quality and sustainable design. All our puzzles are made here in Europe to the highest possible standards, using only FSC certified paper and board.

We’ve also pledged to plant one tree for every puzzle sold. Whether by purchasing through our online store, our Amazon shop, or one of our carefully selected stockists, you get to help some of the world’s most fragile natural environments. We’re the first and only puzzle brand to have made this promise.

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quirky, surreal puzzle design called DOODLE by Cloudberries

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