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Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles

Try these challenging jigsaw puzzles by Cloudberries

Think you’re ready for a challenge?

We all know how insanely fun puzzling is – sorting out the pieces, getting those first few sections together with family and friends, and then getting to hang that finished masterpiece on the wall (or throw it back in the box to do it all over again!). That’s probably why a lot of avid puzzle nerds can’t help but move from one finished puzzle to the next.

But true puzzle fans know that puzzling isn’t JUST fun – you can learn a lot by tackling some of the trickier jigsaw puzzles… if you’re up the challenge!

Ready to up your puzzling game and join the ranks of the most skilled Puzzle Nerds®? Then you came to the right place. We’ve listed some of our most difficult puzzles ever. Designed especially for adults, these are sure to keep even the most experienced puzzle buffs on their toes. Take a look at the list and find out if you’re ready to take on these hardcore designs!

Are challenging puzzles your thing?

Proper puzzle dweebs are always up for a fun and tricky puzzle – and we know that a little bit of difficulty is what makes puzzling so addictive!

Still, these puzzles are more difficult that our usual 1000 or 2000 piece designs so make sure to get your game face on when you start solving them! It’s always best to come up with an effective strategy if you’re really aiming for speed, but if you just wanna try it out there’s nothing wrong with winging it either!

Who knows, you might just be the next puzzle prodigy that’ll find these challenging jigsaws a piece of cake!

Why Cloudberries puzzles are the best puzzles

Even difficult puzzles should be fun, and we want to be sure that you have an amazing time with our premium-quality jigsaws. Created with sustainably-sourced board and paper, our professionally crafted puzzles are designed to give you the best puzzling experience.

Made in Europe

Made in Europe

Our jigsaw puzzles are designed in the UK and made right here in Europe to the highest possible standards. We use FSC board for a more sustainable puzzling experience.

Elegant puzzle boxes

Elegant design

We think every part of a jigsaw puzzle should be beautiful – including the box! Our puzzles come in sturdy, elegant boxes that you’ll be proud to show off. No more hiding your puzzles!

Puzzle piece

Durable pieces

We use extra-thick puzzle board and add a durable linen finish to help prevent pesky glare from putting you off your puzzling. We also use sustainably sourced paper and board.

Perfect for puzzle nerds

We love puzzlers

Our puzzle boffins work tirelessly to make sure fellow nerds are happy! Problem with your puzzle? Just let us know and we’ll put things right.

Watch how this pro solves our most challenging puzzles!

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Let’s get you started with a puzzle!

Up for the challenge? Here’s the lowdown on our most challenging jigsaw puzzles for adults, arranged by theme. Which one will you try first?

Packed with detailed textures and complex shapes, the grayscale puzzle SHELLS is probably one of the hardest puzzles in our stash. Puzzlers looking for a tough jigsaw to solve will definitely enjoy putting this together. Of course, the best part is fitting in that last piece to witness the gorgeous beauty of its intricate, marine-themed design! The matt finish is to die for!

If you’re into contemporary art, why not try SKYLINE? Professionally-design by French artist Romain Trystram, this puzzle is made to satisfy and appeal to fans of modern architecture. The dark blue sky that covers the background can be difficult to put together, but the beauty of that finished skyline – pierced by tall skyscrapers – makes it all worthwhile.

Speaking of architecture, don’t miss METROPOLIS! This 2000-piece jigsaw is mega difficult – huge size, wacky design and all. You’ll definitely feel immersed in the busy streets of city life with this puzzle! If you like the style, we’ve also got a super-detailed and superbly exciting jigsaw called CROSSROADS. Jam-packed with tremendous detail from crowded buildings to busy streets, this top-view urban-themed puzzle is another great buy for architecture and design fans.

If you fancy setting up a puzzle battle with a friend, try SYMMETRY! This 1000-piece puzzle is unique because its mirrored design makes it way harder than a typical 1000-piece puzzle! Still, the bright colours and repeating patterns will keep you motivated – it’s a sure eye-catcher when it’s finished!

Looking for animal puzzles? Check out HYBRIDS! Travel to a magical world with the interesting mix of creatures in this jigsaw! Sure the illustrations are just adorable, but don’t be fooled! This puzzle is one of the most challenging designs in the Cloudberries collection! Not only are the animals drawings similar to each other, the pastel background colors of peach and white are as confusing as they are dreamy!

Now that we’ve mentioned colors, best to mention one of our most challenging gradient puzzles too! Try MOUNTAIN, a 1000-piece rainbow puzzle that you’ll definitely want to conquer. The finished jigsaw is just straight up elegant, but it will take some determination and strategy to get there – much like climbing up the top of a real mountain!

Our Japanese-inspired ORIGAMI puzzle has gentle blue colours that look newbie-friendly, but that background is actually a pretty big challenge. But don’t fret: the vivid burst of coloured cranes will prevent you from ‘folding’!

Mountian is one of our harder gradient puzzles
Symmetry is a beautiful, challenging puzzle for adults
Some puzzles are more difficult than others
Shells is a tricky monochrome puzzle
Shells 1000-piece puzzle
Symmetry 1000-piece puzzle
Skyline 1000-piece puzzle
Mountain 1000-piece puzzle
Hybrids 1000-piece puzzle
Metropolis 2000-piece puzzle
Origami 1000-piece puzzle
Crystals 1000-piece puzzle

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The Cloudberries pledge

Here at Cloudberries, we’re more than just about great design, we’ve also made a commitment to quality and sustainability. All of Cloudberries’ jigsaws are made here in Europe to the highest possible standards, using FSC certified paper and board.

We’ve also pledged to plant one tree for every puzzle sold. Whether you buy through our online store, through our shop on Amazon, or one of our carefully selected stockists, your purchase will help some of the world’s most fragile natural environments. We’re the first and only puzzle brand to have made this promise.

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