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Fun stuff

Bored stiff and too far away from your puzzle stash? Thankfully, there’s plenty of fun puzzle content to explore online. We’ve uncovered loads of fantastic puzzle websites that will help you beat boredom and give your brain a workout. Whether you’re looking for fun jigsaw puzzle blogs, jigsaw puzzle activities […]

Tattoos can be a fun way to show how much you love puzzles

Looking for a way to show off your love of all things puzzling? Look no further than a puzzle piece tattoo! Cool, meaningful puzzle tattoos are the perfect way to celebrate your passion for puzzles while also adding a little ink to your skin. Puzzle piece tattoos have gained popularity […]

Space puzzles for adults

Are you ready for a cosmic adventure that’s truly puzzling in the best way possible? For all you stargazers, space enthusiasts and jigsaw lovers, we’ve got the perfect celestial combination for you! These three Cloudberries puzzles will take you on an astronomical odyssey, challenging your mind while letting you explore […]

Puzzles for pets

Tired of having your puzzle pieces eaten, nibbled on or smuggled out of the room? Then we have pawsome news for you! Our new range of pet puzzles is here, designed to keep your furry friends busy while you complete your puzzles. Here’s what you can expect… 1. Super tough […]

Jigsaw puzzle bingo

Jigsaw lovers, get ready to take your passion for puzzles to the next level! We’ve created the ultimate puzzle game just for you…. the Cloudberries Jigsaw Puzzle Bingo card! With 25 different challenges, you’ll have a blast* checking off each one as you complete it. From saving the edge pieces […]

Best puzzle brands

With so many fun jigsaw puzzle brands out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Which ones are worth a look? And which ones will leave you high and dry with a bunch of poor-quality pieces? With this mega-nerdy post, we want to inspire you and help […]

We all love a good jigsaw, but some of the planet’s biggest puzzle nerds have taken this hobby to a whole new level. Guinness World Records has recognized lots of amazing feats in puzzling, like solving puzzles at lightning speed, maintaining the biggest collection or gathering a massive crew of […]

Mountain puzzle

Imagine how cool it would be if you could make your own puzzles with the beautiful designs from Cloudberries. Well, guess what? We made it happen! We’re sharing mini versions of our most epic jigsaw puzzles so you can print them out and make your very own jigsaw puzzles at […]

New puzzle from Cloudberries

Puzzle Nerds, we need YOU! We have two gorgeous new 1000-piece puzzle designs in the bag, but only one of them can be launched before the year is out. So, which one is your favourite? REVERIE Melissa Torres for Cloudberries TOKYO Romain Trystram for Cloudberries Vote now using the form […]

Free shipping is back!

It’s been a while, but we can finally offer free, carbon-neutral shipping on orders to the UK, the EU and the USA! Here’s how to get free shipping: EU orders: spend €50 or more USA orders: spend $100 or more UK: spend £25 or more! Free shipping is applied automatically […]