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8 of the world’s best jigsaw puzzle events

We puzzle nerds know that there’s nothing quite like spending a night (or two) at home with a new or favourite jigsaw. One of the great things about puzzling is that it’s a great solo activity – no friends required for you to have a good time. But if you’ve ever wanted to share your passion with some like-minded people, take a look at these puzzling events. From competitions to festivals and talks, there’s fun for puzzlers of any level.

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The world’s best places for jigsaw puzzle nerds to visit

Quirky puzzle-shaped island in Utrecht, Netherlands

We can all agree that puzzling makes a great at-home pastime, but for the most part, home is where jigsaw puzzles stay. But what kind of opportunities are there for puzzle nerds to enjoy their hobby in the wider world? You’ll be glad to hear that there are jigsaw lovers in every part of the globe, who have created attractions for those who share their passion. Here are some puzzle-friendly tourist attractions that you might want to add to your bucket list!

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6 movies featuring jigsaw puzzles

Some of the best movies, scenes and short films featuring jigsaws

The humble jigsaw puzzle is often used as a symbol for anything vaguely mysterious or challenging. We all know the feeling of being drawn in by a film with ‘jigsaw’ or ‘puzzle’ in the title, only to be disappointed to discover that the name is just a metaphor. So we’ve tracked down some films that really do live up to the promise and include actual puzzles. Ready? And… action!

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8 songs featuring jigsaw puzzles

Enjoy these songs featuring jigsaw puzzles

Love has to be one of the most common themes in music, with personal tales of love, lust and heartbreak in every singer or band’s catalogue. So when the songwriters below sat down to pen these tunes, we guess they had one thing on their mind: their love of puzzles. OK this may not be entirely accurate, but nonetheless, they’ve come up with some great tracks that all feature our favourite pastime.

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9 celebrities that love a good puzzle

Famous fans of jigsaw puzzles that might surprise you.

Do you ever wonder what the rich and famous do to unwind after a long day? You’ll be pleased to hear that a number of celebrities turn to the humble jigsaw puzzle to relax, keep their mind active or even just create something beautiful.

Some celebs are lifelong fans with a framed collection of their favourites, while others are new to the activity, having turned to puzzling as a way of keeping busy during time at home. Which one on this list of famous puzzlers is a surprise to you?

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10 of the craziest jigsaw puzzle world records

There are more jigsaw puzzle records than you might think

We all love a good jigsaw, but some of the planet’s biggest puzzle nerds have taken this hobby to a whole new level. Guinness World Records has recognized lots of amazing feats in puzzling, like solving puzzles at lightning speed, maintaining the biggest collection or gathering a massive crew of puzzlers to solve one together. We can’t help but admire these puzzle fanatics for leaving nothing on the table and reaching their puzzling goals!

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3 fun ideas for a jigsaw puzzle party

You might consider yourself quite geeky. But have you ever thrown a jigsaw puzzle party? Yep, that’s right – you can throw a whole entire party based around puzzling. And you know what? People might actually have fun!

As all true puzzle nerds know, doing a jigsaw is one of the ultimate solo activities. But hosting your own puzzle party is a genuinely great way to enjoy puzzles with others!

You may have seen this idea being used for children’s parties, but there’s nothing to stop you bringing puzzles to the party as a fully grown human (especially if you choose one of our 1000-piece beauties).

Here are a few ideas for hosting a jigsaw puzzle party. You can use this whole party plan or just pieces of it (see what we did there?!)

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