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Venn diagrams for jigsaw puzzle fans

Venn Diagram 1

Let’s face it, we puzzlers have some… quirks… that show the world just how nerdy we are. If you’re a bit of a puzzle enthusiast, you’ll know exactly what we mean! Look at these Venn diagrams that we painstaking crafted (okay, we threw them together in 10 minutes, but who’s judging?). If you relate to one or more of these, the chances are that you’re a proper Puzzle Nerd®.

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44 of the best jigsaw puzzle accounts on Instagram

Guide to the best puzzle accounts on Instagram

UPDATED… again! Now with even more puzzle accounts!

One of the great things about Instagram is the way that people can share the things that they’re passionate about. A quick search will show you just how active and vibrant the Insta puzzle community is. But with the amazing number of puzzle posts out there, it can be tricky to know who are the best puzzlers are to follow. Here’s a selection of the Insta jigsaw puzzlers we think do things really well!

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Adult puzzler starter pack

Have you been wondering if you’ve crossed the line from casual puzzler to true Puzzle Nerd®? Is there someone in your life you suspect of being a secret jigsaw fanatic? The signs might be subtle – but they’ll be there. Do you find yourself skipping your to-do list in favour of just getting those edge pieces done? Or perhaps you’ve given up ever using your dining table for eating at? Check our chart below to see how much of a grown-up puzzler you are!

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What type of puzzle piece are you?

What type of puzzle piece are you?

If you’ve done as many jigsaws as we have, you’ve probably noticed that not all puzzle pieces look the same. And surely, we can’t be the only ones who have created our own nicknames for each different shape. (By the way, if you want to know the more technical terms for some of these pieces, check out our jigsaw puzzle glossary for this and other fun trivia titbits.)

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