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Let’s make jigsaw puzzle history!


Wow! In the space of just over two hours, hundreds of you jumped at the chance to be part of our whacky little project. We’re overwhelmed by the response! And you know what? The final puzzle that you all designed together looks AMAZING. You can see the final puzzle – and join the waitlist – on this page!

Want to be part of jigsaw puzzle history? We’re inviting you and hundreds of other puzzle nerds to help create the world’s first crowdsourced puzzle!

The first crowdsourced puzzle. Ever.

Our aim? We want to test a concept called the wisdom of the crowd. The idea is that when large groups of people are brought together, they are much smarter than individual experts, and much better at innovating.

So the theory, at least, is that a big group of people working on the same puzzle design together will just ‘know’ how to make a great design – even if they’ve never communicated with each other before.

But… this is only a theory. No one has ever tried this before, and we don’t know how the finished puzzle will look. But whatever happens, when all the shapes are coloured in, we will actually launch this as a real-life Cloudberries puzzle.

Crowdsourced puzzle by Cloudberries

Designed by you, one piece at a time.

It’s really simple to get involved (and totally free, too!). Start by choosing a shape , then choose which colour you’d like to make that shape. Once you’ve clicked ‘submit’, that shape will be yours – and no one else will be able to change it.

The neat thing is that you won’t be able to see which colours other people have chosen. We’ll only reveal the final design once the entire puzzle has been coloured in.

We’re opening this up to puzzlers all around the planet, so regardless of where you are, you’ll be able to participate. This is the first time puzzle nerds have been brought together across continents and timezones to help create something truly collaborative!

We're asking hundreds of puzzle nerds to design a jigsaw together

A limited run of 500 puzzles.

Whatever happens, we’ll make this design into a real-life Cloudberries puzzle. It will be made in Europe using sustainably source paper and cardboard, just like all our other puzzles, and we will plant a tree for every puzzle sold.

To begin with, we’re only printing a limited run of just 500 puzzles. If you choose a colour and give us permission to email you, you’ll be the first to know when the final puzzle design is ready. We’ll also give you priority access to the pre-sale, ensuring you’re among the first to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind puzzle.

Questions? Read on, nerds!

How many pieces am I allowed to design?

You can only design one section of the puzzle, so that others can have a go at it too! We reserve the right to remove multiple entries from the same person – please leave space for other puzzle nerds to take part!

When will the final design be revealed?

We’ll post a sneak peek of the final design online when all of the shapes are chosen! Make sure you’re on our mailing list and are following us on Instagram.

Will you make a real puzzle from this? When will it be released?

Yes! Whatever happens, we’ll make this into a real puzzle. It will be available for pre order in late 2020, and the puzzles will ship out some time in 2021.

What will the final puzzle be called?

We want you to decide! Once the design is revealed, we’ll begin accepting suggestions for what we call the puzzle. Eventually, we’ll choose a shortlist of names which you and other puzzle nerds can vote on to determine the final winner.

How many pieces will there be in the final puzzle?

500! We’ll be adding this design to our existing range of 500-piece puzzles.

How many copies of the puzzle will you make?

We’re only printing a limited run of 500 of these puzzles to begin with, so the best way to ensure you get one is to take part – that way, we can email you as soon as it’s ready to order.

Will the puzzle pieces be diamond shaped?

No, we’ll use our classic Cloudberries puzzle pieces to ensure this is still a fun, high-quality puzzle that fits together beautifully. This means your colour and shape may stretch across two or more pieces – which just makes finding it more fun!

What will the final puzzle cost?

We’re committed to keeping the cost of this puzzle the same as our other 500-piece puzzles (approx £16 or US $22). No price hikes here!

Do I need to pay to take part?

No, helping to design the puzzle is absolutely free! If you take part and give your consent for us to contact you, you’ll be the first to know when the final puzzle is available.

I’m from [insert random country here]. Can I still take part?

Sure! The crowdsourced puzzle is open to everyone, and we ship internationally, too!

Will you still plant a tree for every puzzle sold?

Yes. In January 2020, we pledged to plant one tree for each puzzle we sell. We want to do our part in caring for the planet, so we also use sustainably sourced materials in making  our puzzles. As soon as this puzzle is out in the market, we’ll do the same! Check out this page for more about the good stuff Cloudberries does.

Where can I see the terms and conditions for this?

You can see the full terms and conditions for taking part here.

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