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Puzzle tips and tricks

Jigsaw puzzles have some surprising health benefits!

Puzzles are usually seen as toys, or something you might do for fun. But studies show that the humble jigsaw puzzle also comes with a bunch of health benefits! It’s true: multiple studies have suggested that your puzzle hobby could be doing great things for your health. Here’s how: 1. […]

There are lots of different types of puzzles

True nerds know that jigsaws are the best type of puzzle, but there comes a time when you might want to branch out and try something different for a change. The thing is, there are just so many different types of puzzle – so it can be a little… puzzling to […]

Glueing a puzzle

Here at Cloudberries, one of the main questions we get asked (apart from ‘Who ate my puzzle piece?’) is ‘How do I glue the puzzle that I finished?’ Fear not, fellow puzzle lovers, for we have the answer! In this post we’ll dive into this err… sticky question so you […]

How long does a 1000 piece puzzle take to finish?

When you’re choosing a jigsaw puzzle, you might judge the size of the challenge ahead of you by looking at just one factor – the sheer number of pieces. After all, it makes sense that a 1000-piece puzzle would be far easier to complete than a jigsaw with twice as many pieces. […]

Flower puzzles

Roses are red, violets are blue – and flower puzzles are good for you. It’s true: spending time around flowers and working on jigsaw puzzles are both activities with documented mental health benefits. And the good news is, there are loads of fun, floral puzzles out there, which combine the beauty […]

Christmas gift wrap

Ho ho ho! You can now wrap any of our puzzles – including our new 3D puzzle CHRISTMAS – in fun, festive gift wrap! Simply choose ‘gift wrap this item’ on any of the puzzles you’d like us to wrap for you, and then select the ‘Christmas wrap’ option. Then, we’ll wrap […]

Free gift wrapping in October for our adult jigsaw puzzles

Today and every Sunday this October, we’re offering free, personalised gift wrapping with our jigsaw puzzles! Just select ‘Gift wrap this puzzle’ on each and every design that you’d like us to gift wrap, and we’ll take care of the rest. For free! You can even include a personalised message, […]

Buying and selling used puzzles

Have you got to the point where your puzzles are taking over all your spare storage space? Or maybe you’re looking for some new puzzles, but are on a tight budget? Either way, our guide will show you where to buy second-hand puzzles – and how to sell on your […]

500 piece jigsaw puzzle subscription

Love our puzzles? Welly well well, do we have a treat for you! We’ve just released two awesome new Cloudberries puzzle subscriptions that allow you to have our jigsaws delivered to your door each month, like an exciting visit from some kind of magic puzzle fairy.

Bit of a lazybones, eh? Or maybe you’re just flustered by that upcoming event that you need a last-minute gift for? Well, whatever your present-giving predicament, you can now let our team of Puzzle Nerds come to the rescue! From today, you can add gift wrapping to any puzzle purchased […]