Vasecado® Acorn Seed Vase

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Vasecado® is more than just a vase – it’s a way to bring a touch of nature into your home, transforming a simple acorn into a mighty oak.

With this uniquely shaped vase, some water and a regular acorn, you’ll be able to nurture a seed, witness its growth over time and watch as it matures into a magnificent oak sapling, ready to be repotted and enjoyed. With enough care and attention, you can even grow your sapling into a tree.

Hand-blown and shipped in a beautifully simple box, this vase for acorns is the perfect gift for plant lovers.

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Experience the joy of growing your own oak sapling from scratch. Grab an acorn, germinate it using the instructions provided in the box, and place it in the vase. Over time you’ll see it grow into a beautiful plant with the roots and acorn visible through the clear glass.

You can enjoy the plant in the vase, or replant it to watch it grow even more. Acorn not included.

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Dimensions 12.5 × 11 × 11 cm



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Vasecado acorn vase

Vasecado® Acorn Seed Vase

US $32.50

Only 4 left in stock