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Jigsaw puzzle size guide

Jigsaw puzzle size guide for puzzle nerds

Jigsaw puzzles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! Some puzzlers prefer the reeaally big ones, but some like it nice and small. Whatever you prefer, it can be handy to know exactly how big a puzzle will be once you finally get it completed – especially if you have a small-ish table or are planning to frame it afterwards! The diagrams below show you the standard puzzle sizes here at Cloudberries so you can work out which one suits you – and your puzzling table – best.

How big are Cloudberries puzzles?

500-piece puzzles

Generally speaking, our 500-piece puzzles are a lot quicker to finish than our other jigsaws for adults, but the amount of time it takes to get one finished depends a lot on how difficult the design is! All of our 500-piece puzzles are the same size, but some are portrait and some are landscape. You can see the dimensions of our boxes and the actual puzzles below!

Estimated time to complete our 500-piece puzzles:

Between 90 minutes (for the easiest ones) and 6 hours

hideaway jigsaw puzzle with dimensions

1000-piece puzzles

In many ways, the 1000-piece jigsaw is perfect size for grown-up puzzlers – not too tricky, and yet it has a big enough piece count to give you hours of puzzling fun! The dimensions of our 1000-piece puzzles are nice and big at 68cm x 48.5cm, and there’s a tonne of different difficulty levels to get to grips with, depending on how brave you’re feeling. These puzzles are perfect for framing after they’ve been solved – just check out the full sizes below, which include metric and imperial measurements!

Estimated time to complete our 1000-piece puzzles:

Between 2 hours and 30 hours (for our extreme puzzles)

rooster jigsaw puzzle with dimensions
Gradient jigsaw puzzle size

2000-piece puzzles

Our 2000-piece jigsaw puzzles are BIG – almost a meter wide! Needless to say, you’ll need a fair bit of space if you want to get started with one of these. The 2000-piece puzzles by Cloudberries look amazing when finished and even the box is chunkier, making one of these puzzles the perfect gift for the avid puzzler in your life (even if that person is you!).

Estimated time to complete our 2000-piece puzzles:

Between 10 hours and 25 hours

metropolis jigsaw puzzle with dimensions

Jigsaw puzzle size summary chart

Number of piecesWidth (cm)Width (in)Length (cm)Length (in)

Visual size-based comparison

visual comparison of jigsaw puzzle sizes

Browse our designs by size…

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Or view the entire collection here!

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