Shells Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

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She sells sea shell puzzles on the sea shore. Just like the tongue twister we just twisted, this marine-themed jigsaw is a tricky one to get your head around!

  • Amazingly detailed jigsaw puzzle designed especially for grown-ups
  • Delightfully challenging, with 1000 expertly die-cut jigsaw puzzle pieces and a beautiful box
  • Designed in the UK and made in Europe
  • Completed jigsaw puzzle measures 68cm x 48.5cm
  • Ideal as a gift or for quiet evenings with friends
  • One tree planted for every puzzle sold

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Finally! A beautiful, art-inspired jigsaw puzzle for adults. Join the mindfulness revolution and while away blissful hours with a challenging 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that’s handsome enough to hang on your wall. Here’s why this puzzle is just perfect for quiet evenings in, stress-free holidays, or as a gift for friends and family:


Poster Puzzles feature thick, high-quality pieces that feel just right in your hand. Every jigsaw piece is expertly die-cut to ensure a perfect fit – and when you match two pieces together, you’ll feel a satisfying ‘click’.


Our ‘Shells’ jigsaw puzzle 1000 pieces has been carefully designed to give you a challenge, but both newcomers and advanced puzzlers will be able to get it finished! The different, natural patterns on each shell make it surprisingly intuitive to complete – and beautiful to look at.


Think out of the box! Poster Puzzles come in sturdy boxes with a luxurious matt finish, which makes them perfect gifts for adults. The minimalistic designs feature Pantone colours and look great on any bookshelf or coffee table.


Poster Puzzles are designed in the UK, for grown-ups. Inspired by the worlds of art and design, they’re ideal for cosy evenings in, lazy Sunday mornings, or friendly get-togethers with good music, a cup of tea, or a glass or two of wine. The puzzles are designed and conceptualized in the UK, and made here in Europe.

Additional information

Weight .740 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 6 cm
Difficulty level


Piece count

1000 pieces

25 reviews for Shells Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

  1. Ian (verified owner)

    Lovely puzzle. The perfect fit of the pieces makes it easier than it could be, but it’s still truly, and rewardingly, hard. The only puzzle I have ever felt inclined to frame and hang.

  2. Annica Cardell

    I was very delighted by one of your products. I bought a Jigsaw puzzle the other week with a shell motif in black and white, 1000 pieces. The motif is one of Ernst Haekel´s descriptive images of shells.
    Wonderful, exquisite image and the pieces have a perfect fit.
    Best Puzzle ever, a real pleasure to finish it, as I only buy black and white puzzles because I want them to be a treat to finish. I will definetly buy moore of your puzzles in the future.

  3. Bilkis (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved doing this puzzle. It’s a stunning image and quite tricky to complete, which makes it that much more satisfying once completed. Highly recommended! Have also got the origami one and hoping to buy the flowers one too!

  4. Emma (verified owner)

    A really challenging puzzle, but all the more satisfying for completing it. A couple of the shells are pretty distinctive, but the others are surprisingly difficult to make out from the individual puzzle pieces.

    This is the second Cloudberries puzzle I completed and, like the first (origami), this one is a really good quality, decent quality card and printing. There isn’t much variation in terms of type of shapes, virtually all are 2-in-2-out, but there is enough variation in size, etc. that pieces really do only fit in the correct place.

    I love the style of this puzzle – really different to pretty much anything else I’ve come across.

  5. lucy (verified owner)

    Exquisitely puzzling! A beautiful image that took time and was very rewarding. Thank you

  6. Anja (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved it! Tricky and beautiful, it was my first Cloudberries jigsaw, but just ordered two more, I think I am addicted.
    And the quality and service are just excellent.

  7. Pat (verified owner)

    This is the best puzzle I have ever done. It’s a beautiful picture, it’s pretty tricky but I’m getting there!

    Firsts puzzle I’ve done by Clouberries and I’m looking forward to doing more.

  8. Brigitte Gras-Potier (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing : the result is still better than on the box and this seems difficult to reach !
    As ever , the stunning quality of the cuts allows to make this difficult but so interesting puzzle .
    It would be interesting to put a little paper with the shells names ( not write them on the puzzle : it would waste its beauty )

  9. Alison West (verified owner)

    This was fun – and tricky! Beautiful when finished. It took a while to sort out the edge pieces…

  10. Cronicas Puzzleras

    I received this puzzle as a puzzle challenge, and it was amazing. More difficult than I expected, but not impossible – so you won’t get frustrated! A couple of really fun evenings with this one!

    I love this brand… excellent quality and modern designs. Can’t wait to see what they will bring up next!

  11. JC (verified owner)

    I love Cloudberries puzzles. Every time I do one, I think it’s the most difficult one yet. Shells is definitely the most difficult one yet! All their puzzles are tricky, and such great quality. Shells will drive you nuts and keep you busy for ages!

  12. John Lancaster

    Wish we knew the name of the shells. We like difficult puzzles but the variation of the pieces was so slight that some pieces were almost interchangeable.

  13. Jacqueline Wilson

    GIven this puzzle by our son. Was daunted when I first started to sort pieces and wondered if we would ever do it but enjoyed the challenge. Pieces fit well together

  14. Jean Reilly

    I received this as a gift. It’s a beautiful puzzle, the pieces are sturdy. Because it’s black/white/gray, it can be difficult to sort pieces and it took a while before my fingers and brain were working together to feel out the best process for putting this together – it took me much longer than a couple of days. I’ll buy this brand again.

  15. Karen Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    Beautifully crafted and shipped on time! Prompt responses from seller….. can’t say enough good things

  16. The Arts Club 301

    This puzzle looks amazing and is packaged beuatifully! I bought it for my stepmum but have just ordered a second one for myself.

  17. Sal (verified owner)

    This is an exquisite puzzle packaged in a beautiful, sturdy box. Cloudberries had great convos and quick shipping from UK to US. I highly recommend this puzzle for anyone looking for a unique gift or just for yourself. Thank you!

  18. Esta

    Beautiful puzzle. Bought as a gift so I can’t comment on the actual puzzle. But so impressed I’ve bought myself a puzzle from the same range.

  19. Tera (verified owner)

    Packaged incredibly well, which I’m so thankful for because the box was beaten up pretty badly, but the puzzle was undamaged. Bought it as a gift and I’m sure they’re going to love it! Thank you!

  20. Matilde Henriqueson

    I have done hundred of jigsaws in my life and most of the times they are to easy and not challenging enough… I thought this one was going to be an easy one but it was not!! Very good to keep you entertained for at least 2 days :). For a jigsaw lover the quality of the pieces are 5*

  21. Miss JC Smith

    Beautiful jigsaw… very challenging, just how I like them. Excellent service and delivery.

  22. Playwood Providence

    It’s a really classy difficult puzzle, beautifully made.

  23. chris

    Brilliant jigsaw. Difficult to do but very satisfying. Good fitting pieces and comes in a beautifully designed box.

  24. Holly (verified owner)

    Bought this as a gift for my puzzle obsessed parents…can’t wait to give it to them! I was suprised at the quality of the box and packaging and the design is so amazing! I’ll be back for more…hope to see more designs from you soon!

  25. John (verified owner)

    I bought this for a Christmas gift for my father and it looks fantastic. He will be busy for a few evenings with this. Many thanks

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Shells jigsaw puzzle from Cloudberries

Shells Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

US $24.99

Only 10 left in stock