Symmetry Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

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Get lost in a vibrant world of colours and shapes with our SYMMETRY jigsaw puzzle. With swirling, colourful wheels, symmetrical geometric patterns, and cool star motifs, it’s a real treat for puzzlers looking for an extra challenge. Crack the code to reveal a piercing set of blue eyes staring back at you from the centre of the finished piece!

  • Cool, challenging 1000-piece puzzle from Cloudberries, with artwork by the talented London-based artist Matt Lyon
  • Guaranteed fun as you attempt to puzzle out the challenging symmetrical pattern
  • Featuring stars, eyes, color wheels and vivid geometric patterns, this is a super-fun puzzle with a neat symmetrical effect
  • Designed in the UK and made in Europe to the highest-possible standards!
  • Extra-thick pieces and a premium matt finish. Just like other Cloudberries puzzles, the pieces fit together snugly with a satisfying ‘click’
  • Completed puzzle size: 68cm x 48.5cm
  • One tree planted for every puzzle sold. Full-size poster included.

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The mesmerising patterns on this bright, bold puzzle will definitely get your head spinning! SYMMETRY is one of best jigsaws for grown-ups – a fun challenge for puzzle pros and newbies alike. With its striking design and vivid colours, this epic puzzle is the ideal way to brighten up those winter evenings.


Talented British illustrator Matt Lyon has come up with a design so mind-bending that you won’t be able to take your eyes off it! You’ll find spinning wheels, teardrops, triangles, minarets and pointed domes, cleverly woven together to form a near-symmetrical design. SYMMETRY is one-of-a-kind, and a must-have for puzzle nerds looking for a new challenge.


At Cloudberries, we love making gorgeous jigsaw puzzles for adults. Our SYMMETRY jigsaw puzzle combines bright, funky images with solid, high-quality pieces that are made to last. With sophisticated patterns and slick designs, our puzzles are always great fun, and grown-up puzzlers rave about them.


Although SYMMETRY may look complicated, there are plenty of hidden clues that will help you solve it. Symmetrical shapes and patterns mean that there’s ‘two’ of everything, making this a really enjoyable challenge to liven up a grey evening. The brightly coloured design follows a mirror-like pattern, which you can use to crack the code! Whether you’re a long-time puzzler or just starting out, this jigsaw will provide hours of fun.


At Cloudberries we love getting our hands on a new puzzle, and we know you do too. All of our puzzles are manufactured to the highest-possible quality, with lovely thick pieces, linen finishes, and gorgeous packaging that stands out from the crowd. We make puzzles that stand the test of time!


We’re so confident that you’ll love our puzzles, we even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply let us know and we’ll organise a hassle-free refund.

Additional information

Weight .740 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 6 cm
Difficulty level


Piece count

1000 pieces

About the artist

Matt Lyon

Matt LyonI am based in London, UK. I specialize in vector illustration using wild colour combos. I’m fond of creating imaginary landscapes, patterns and portraits from wherever my daydreams take me. You can visit my website at, though for something a little more updated, check out

I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator since 2008. Prior to that, I studied Fine Art and went on to teach graphic design and photography. Making artwork is my main interest, though it can be difficult to switch off with it also being my job. When I do, I love film and try to watch something new every evening. Living in London has its perks too as the galleries and museums are great places to recharge my creative batteries. Or failing that, a good walk is the perfect tonic to clear my mind.

Read our interview with Matt Lyon here!

25 reviews for Symmetry Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

  1. Frances Murray

    Beautifully made puzzle, as always: thick pieces of differing shapes. This is a more challenging 1000 piece, worth the effort though. I had a few pieces missing (for the first time) and the cloudberries team rectified this immediately. Very satisfied customer.

  2. Howard Lee

    This is one of the best puzzles that I have done recently! Beautiful colours and fun design. Much more interesting than a gradient puzzle. It is not as hard it looks! No puzzle dust; strong box, pieces fit perfectly. Highly recommended. Also great Customer Service from Cloudberries!

  3. Liz Ridley (verified owner)

    Very good quality puzzle. The cut and thickness leaving no doubt as to whether you’ve got the right piece placement. Surface finish not shiny and good under electric light as well as daylight.

    This design is great, the symmetry adds an extra twist making a lovely colourful design even more enjoyable. Not easy but also not impossible. Of the puzzles I’ve tried so far the Skyline one took me longer to complete.

    Highly recommend and I will be buying more.

  4. Wendy (verified owner)

    I love these puzzles! I took this one out of the box, sorted the edges and then looked and thought, how on earth do I do this? What is my plan? It is fiendish because it made me think of those trick questions e.g. ‘how many triangles can you see in this picture?’ I always managed to miss at least one. A short while in to it and my brain fell in to synch with my eyes and reminded me to look twice at some of the complex pieces, is it part of something else? What am I seeing? As usual the quality is excellent so there is no, ‘well I’ll just try this piece in every space left.’

  5. Valeria (verified owner)

    I really loved this puzzle. The design, the colors, the quality… everything is perfect.
    One senses that it is done with care and love.
    thanks Cloudberries!

  6. Amy Beart

    I thoroughly enjoyed this puzzle. It was my first purchase from Cloudberries and I love the promise a tree is planted when a sale is made this makes me very happy. So back to the puzzle, the packaging is high quality and the personal touch of the thank you note is very thoughtful (Thanks Oliver! ?)
    The colours are vibrant and the complexity was perfect as kept me addicted for a few days I kept coming back to it with fresh eyes and had to be careful not to just sit for hours ignoring the rest of the family which is so easy to do with this puzzle.
    I have now just purchased another one using the new customer discount code (Thanks again Oliver!) can’t wait to work on it. Awesome small business doing it right!

    Amy B

  7. Elly (verified owner)

    Loved this, challenging but still fun. Great quality too

  8. Rachel Seligman (verified owner)

    This is my most favourite puzzle of all time. It was such fun. Challenging but not as hard as the origami one. Thank you for a gorgeous puzzle.

  9. Elliott Porter (verified owner)

    Purchased for my Fiancee for Christmas. She hates me for it. Haha, simply because it’s so challenging and she’s a Queen of the WASGIJ so no amateur.

    So, as other reviews say, this puzzle isn’t for the faint hearted, but it should be challenging right?

    The ordering, the delivery, the packaging and quality all fantastic so I highly recommend.

  10. FaerieMoonlight

    Amazing puzzle with this amazing design, really hypnotic and gorgeous.

  11. DNG (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this puzzle immensely. One of the top puzzle experiences I’ve had. More like this!!

  12. Joanne Fahy Gilbertson

    I’m was gifted this for Christmas and I LOVE it. Challenging but not too much and the extra element of working out which side of the symmetrical design it went on was fab. First time purchased but definitely not the last. The quality of the pieces was really high and very tactically pleasing to handle.

  13. someguywhatruns

    The design on this is fantastically amazing! Backed with the usual Cloudberries high quality, the puzzle is more than enough of a challenge to keep you going, but isn’t frustratingly difficult as you can recognise the patterns or colours in each piece to allow you to place them where they should be. The one thing to look out for is if it should be on the left side or the right side!
    Another brilliant puzzle, well done Cloudberries people 🙂

  14. Riponne Gryffondor

    J’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à faire ce puzzle et j’aurais presque préféré que le plaisir dure plus longtemps avec plus de pièces! Les pièces sont de bonne qualité et le motif est très original, ça change beaucoup des autres marques. J’ai hâte de découvrir de découvrir les nouveaux puzzle à sortir et remercie Cloudberries d’envoyer à l’international (j’habite en Suisse et pas toutes les marques envoyent chez nous)!

  15. anna (verified owner)

    I am so looking forward to doing this puzzle with family on Christmas day!

  16. Alan Crotty (verified owner)

    It’s a beautiful thing, perfectly made. Challenging because of the mirroring of all the patterns – but that’s what makes it fun.

  17. Alice Brady (verified owner)

    Purchased as a gift – quick delivery and nicely packaged! Hoping it poses a challenge having read the reviews ?

  18. Kizzy

    Beautiful colours, interesting designs and just the right level of challenge. Cloudberries puzzles are always well made and this one was no different.

  19. Gareth Bowen (verified owner)

    Ordered as a Christmas lockdown prezzie knowing it will be a hit with the family as thay had a cloudberries jigsaw in the past. Amazing fun for everyone.

  20. Jacqui Radford (verified owner)

    I wanted a puzzle that was going to take longer than the usual ones do. I wanted a challenge. Be careful what you wish for! It was certainly a challenge but at no point did I find it frustrating. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I don’t know what was harder; finding a specific piece I needed, or working out where in the puzzle the piece I was holding went. I referred to the picture more than I ever have done. I loved it. Obviously the same high standard of manufacture as always. Definitely one to try if you want a harder than average 1,000 puzzle.

  21. Xavier (verified owner)

    The best quality pieces I’ve ever seen.
    Enjoyable pattern and beautiful colours!

  22. Kim Aguilan (verified owner)

    This is my first Cloudberries puzzle. It sure is one hell of a challenge! I love the vibrant colors and its matte finish is so perfect for me.

  23. Wai Ming Lee (verified owner)

    I’m not sure how I managed to complete this jigsaw! Initially I thought I bit off more than I could chew but over the course of a week I slowly managed to pull it together and complete it. Fun and gratifying!

  24. Abi (verified owner)

    I normally finish puzzles super quickly, but this one was a fabulous challenge! I love Cloudberries puzzles, fab quality and look amazing!

  25. puzzlefiend (verified owner)

    Awesome puzzle!

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SYMMETRY is a fun, colourful 1000-piece puzzle by Cloudberries

Symmetry Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

US $24.99

In stock