Desert 1000 Piece Puzzle (Small Batch)

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Oh lordy, the first random-cut puzzles by Cloudberries are here! Created with love and released in limited quantities, these beauties have been designed to give Puzzle Nerds something truly special. DESERT is the first puzzle in the new Small Batch series. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Flawless random cut pieces that click together perfectly. Zero false fits.
  • Premium foil-stamped box and a paper bag for the pieces. Unboxing is a joy!
  • Sand-sational artwork by mega-talented artist Eleanor Taylor
  • Full-size poster included to help you puzzle with friends
  • One tree planted for every puzzle sold (obviously)
  • Completed puzzle size: 70 x 50 cm

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Our Small Batch puzzles are created with love in small batches. They feature perfect, random-cut pieces, with zero false fits. Expect exclusive, hand-illustrated artwork, along with beautifully simple packaging – for the perfect puzzling experience. We even include a free, full size poster with every puzzle.

Additional information

Weight .74 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 6 cm
Piece count

1000 pieces

Difficulty level


Cut type

Random cut

4 reviews for Desert 1000 Piece Puzzle (Small Batch)

  1. Paul Wright

    I was introduced to Cloudberries puzzles by a friend who will only do Cloudberries puzzles and now I am hooked!
    beautifully cut and the best quality and interesting designs.
    I’m amassing quite a collection now, loving all of them and want more!

  2. sh_ni

    I am impressed with the very good service. The company responded within a day and very kindly to my enquiry that a piece was missing from a jigsaw puzzle. This was extremely helpful!

    But the most important thing to state is: the puzzles are really beautiful.
    Great designs!

  3. Daniela (verified owner)

    Already my third puzzle from Cloudberries! The quality seems to be as good as for the other ones, the colours are striking and the motif is really beautiful. So fun to have the poster too! Haven’t yet finished it, but up to now all the pieces fit really well. Shipping was quick, no bad surprises concerning taxes.

  4. Felix (verified owner)

    This was a beautiful puzzle, it arrived really quickly and the box is so pretty! It’s a perfect challenge puzzle that doesn’t make your brain ache too much and the art makes it all the more rewarding to finish.

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Desert random cut puzzle by Cloudberries

Desert 1000 Piece Puzzle (Small Batch)

US $37.49

In stock