Dreamscape Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

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Dream on, puzzlers! This dreamy abstract puzzle is a psychedelic riot of colour and shapes that is great fun to put together. The more you look at it, the more shapes, shadows and figures you’ll see! Is it a flower? Is it a globe? Is it a mountain range? Let your imagination run away with you and you’ll see whatever you want to see in this amazing abstract jigsaw puzzle.

  • Clever colour gradient puzzle in an awesomely abstract design
  • Cool 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle for adults
  • Full-size poster of this amazing art puzzle included
  • Completed puzzle size: 68cm x 48.5cm
  • Classic Cloudberries packaging
  • Made with recycled sustainably sourced paper and cardboard
  • One tree planted for every jigsaw sold

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Our DREAMSCAPE art puzzle is a total dream to complete, with its crazy shapes and imaginary landscapes. One of our most vibrant puzzles yet, with colours merging seamlessly into each other, its cool artwork also includes flowers and foliage, moons and mountains.


One of Cloudberries’ cool puzzles for adults, DREAMSCAPE uses gentle gradations of colour to guide you and help you find the exact location of each puzzle piece. The purples merge into mauves and the yellows segue into orange or blue to create a magical and mysterious masterpiece.


This cool art puzzle is designed for us by Canadian artist Diana Lynn VanderMeulen, who combines a variety of artistic techniques to produce unique artworks with ethereal landscapes and imaginary objects. Her designs have an other-worldly atmosphere to add to your puzzling experience.


Cloudberries jigsaws are designed for and by puzzle nerds, and we know that the feel of your jigsaw is just as important as the design. So, we make our puzzle pieces from extra-thick cardboard and we ensure that they’re carefully cut to fit together with a satisfying click. We also coat them with a textured linen finish to reduce any glare.

And our packaging is carefully thought out too, so that even the box your puzzle comes in is beautifully designed with our cool, stylish Cloudberries branding.


No, you’re not dreaming, we really will plant a tree for every Cloudberries puzzle you buy! We’re definitely awake to the importance of being green, so we want to minimise our environmental impact.

All our puzzles and packaging are made usings FSC-certified recycled paper and cardboard, which means that it comes from sustainably managed woodlands. And we also use vegetable-based inks in all our designs.

Additional information

Weight 0.740 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 6 cm
Difficulty level


Piece count

1000 pieces

About the artist

Diana Lynn VanderMeulen

Diana Lynn VanderMeulenI am based in Toronto, Canada. I specialise in remixing techniques, I create ethereal landscapes which aim to transcend our sense of presence while exploring inner spaces and reckonings of imagined landscapes. These explorations have flowed through different ways of making throughout the years. Smaller iterations like collages or paintings grow into murals, sculptural installations, and move into digital with filters, AR apps, video loops, and then back into installation art by creating a physical environment to show the digital work within.

My work self-references in a lot of ways – within my digital projects, I use documentation of previous installations, collages, paintings, and sculptures to texturize the landscapes and objects that are created within the digital scene. This helps me to continue themes and carry a visual continuity throughout different mediums. You can visit my website at dlvdm.ca or visit my instagram @dianalynnvdm.

Through my practice I draw connections between materials that are super synthetic – such as holographic plastics or product packaging – with fantastic moments in nature that are a little bit harder to find in cities. Something like a beautiful insect wing or a flower petal, images from the deep sea and outer space. I am inspired by these small moments and seek to create an environment which combines these references to create a fantastic other-worldly experience. I love music, reading, learning and collaborating. I live with my partner Teddy, our dog & two cats. I feel very blessed by the community we share.


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Dreamscape 1000-piece puzzle from Cloudberries

Dreamscape Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

US $24.99

Only 4 left in stock