Metropolis Jigsaw Puzzle (2000 pieces)

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Get a birds-eye view of a busy city centre with METROPOLIS – an architectural delight of towering apartment blocks and crowded streets. With so much to soak up on this massive 2000-piece puzzle, there’s detail like you’ve never seen before!

  • Premium 2000-piece puzzle designed just for adults
  • Bustling city design by Drawing Architecture Studio in Beijing
  • Almost a meter wide (39 inches!) when completed
  • Packed with incredible detail for hours of fun
  • Made in Europe to the highest-possible standards
  • One tree planted for every puzzle sold
  • Completed puzzle size: 98cm x 68.6cm. Full-size poster included.

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Take a trip downtown and see the bright lights and big city with METROPOLIS, our craziest 2000-piece puzzle yet! Uncover each apartment, street corner and rooftop of this topsy-turvy town centre as you assemble the carefully crafted pieces, creating a cityscape that’s nearly a metre wide.


If you’re fascinated by architecture, you’re going to love METROPOLIS. Beijing’s Drawing Architecture studio have created beauty out of chaos with this imaginative rendering of life in the concrete jungle. They’ve even managed to make a traffic jam look pretty! With a mix of 2D and 3D angles, we get to see the city from a whole new perspective, and the clever cutaways let us sneak a peek into apartments and offices.


With so many details, the fun doesn’t stop when you finish putting the puzzle together – you’ve still got the task of discovering the hidden scenes within this city. Can you spot the people packing boxes, the basketball game, the crowded escalators, and the washing hanging out to dry?


Newbies and puzzle nerds alike can take on the challenge of our 2000-piece puzzles. Just like all Cloudberries puzzles, METROPOLIS is made in Europe to the highest possible standards. This means using premium board for extra-thick pieces that fit together just perfectly, and a gorgeous matt finish that reduces pesky glare on sunny days.


Design and sustainability are two of our key goals here at Cloudberries and we’re committed to making our puzzles as eco-friendly as possible. Both our jigsaws and their boxes are made with recycled FSC-certified paper and cardboar from sustainably managed forests. In January 2020, we made an ambitious pledge to plant one tree for every puzzle sold – in partnership with Eden Rainforest Projects, we’re helping to protect some of the world’s most fragile natural environments.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 7 cm
Piece count

2000 pieces

Difficulty level

Challenging, Extreme

About the artist

Drawing Architecture

Drawing ArchitectureWe are based in Beijing, China. We specialise in architectural drawing. You can visit our website at We are a team of architects and designers. Through our practice, we explore the potential of architectural drawing as a unique medium to document, represent, and critique social realities in the context of contemporary urbanization. We derive inspiration from the tradition of architectural representation and integrates influences from Pop Art, aesthetics of postmodernism, and contemporary popular culture to create magnificent urban landscape. Our drawings are featured with high density, complex details, and flat style for the representation of diversified contemporary urban culture.

14 reviews for Metropolis Jigsaw Puzzle (2000 pieces)

  1. Michelle (verified owner)

    This is my first purchase from Cloudberries, and definitely not my last! I chose the puzzle for the image. It does not disappoint: the graphics are crisp and the quality of the materials is astounding. The pieces are velvety in feel and just a pleasure to work with. I’ll be back for more!

  2. Kristina (verified owner)

    This puzzle I bought for my brother who is a real fan of Cloudberries puzzle. He really enjoys unique and challenging ones…so he also has Crossroads Jigsaw and Gradient Puzzle too. He is enjoying so much..

  3. alberto.pilon0 (verified owner)

    I bought it for his unique subject and expecting a real challenge. To my surprise, I have to say that this puzzle exceeded my expectations and it becomes a perfect puzzling experience. It has a great balance between the enjoyment of doing it and his good level of difficulty. The puzzle was never too hard, but it required patience and accurate sorting of pieces.

    The quality of print, material, cut and feeling of the pieces are second to none.

    And it was my first puzzle by Cloudberries. A great company, with lots of truly unique puzzles and an appreciated environmental mission. The greetings card inside the box signed by Steve was a nice touch.

    I cannot recommend enough!

    Next in line: Reflection. Wish me luck!

  4. Lorraine King

    This may be considered as a ‘review in reverse’ because although I haven’t done this puzzle yet I know I’ll would love it! However, I have no room to do a 2000 piece jigsaw so am requesting this image to be considered as a 1000 piece. If reducing the image would make it too small, then may issue part of the image, or in two halves or better still as a trypic. I done Crossroads a few times now and as an avid collector & supporter of Cloudberries, I’m desperately awaiting the issue of some 2022 jigsaws. I now own & have completed nearly 80% of the jigsaws on the current Cloudberries listed jigsaws and would love to add Metropolis to my collection. So please ask the artist for his input whilst considering issuing as a 1000 piece. I’m sure it will be very popular. Thank you

  5. jacqui.radford (verified owner)

    This is by far the most challenging puzzle I’ve done and I loved every minute of it. Such a great puzzle to do! Although challenging I never once got frustrated. Cloudberries puzzles and customer service are second to none. Highly recommend.

    I have now done both of your 2,000 piece puzzles and really hope you’ll be getting some more in stock soon.

  6. Brigitte Gras-Potier (verified owner)

    I bought this one because it was the only one with 2000 pieces. It has the same great quality ever find in Cloudberries . Unfortunately ,imo, it looks too much like ” Crossroads ” that I already made .

  7. Rachel Mizsei Ward (verified owner)

    A fun and challenging puzzle that is taking me a while to complete. I love the high quality pieces and interesting picture. This is my first 2000 piece puzzle, and won’t be my last!

  8. Mary Kennedy (verified owner)

    I purchased this as a gift so am unable to review the puzzle itself but I was very impressed with the website selection, ease of purchase ( I asked to be informed when this puzzle would be back in stock) and delivery. The box looked great, much more expensive looking than it was! The recipient was very happy.

  9. Jane (verified owner)

    What a challenge….this is the hardest jigsaw puzzle I have ever completed! The tiny details on each piece made every bit unique. A truly addictive puzzle that I couldn’t walk away from until it was finished. Well done to the Cloudberries Team.

  10. hannah (verified owner)

    This puzzle is the first one that has challenged me in a very long time. It was so nice to not be able to finish the whole thing in one sitting!
    It’s also very well made and I love the texture of the pieces. They feel very nice in my hands. I’m definitely looking forward to doing more of your 2,000 piece puzzles.

  11. sally ramsay

    Am still loving this jigsaw – I have done most of Cloudberries puzzles but this is the best/most challenging of them all. Bring on more 2000 piece puzzles please!

  12. Moira (verified owner)

    This puzzle was a really addictive challenge and got the whole family involved. Loads of details, whacky perspectives, no boring bits anywhere. Also really really well made. Thank you Cloudberries, we really enjoyed it!

  13. alifio88 (verified owner)

    This was just the challenge I needed from start to finish. And it succeeded on the lifting challenge when completed. Can’t wait for the next 2000 piece to be released – please Cloudberries.

  14. Barbara

    This is an excellent jigsaw. It’s challenging in a very good way. It’s also very difficult to walk away from once you have started it. So much detail so much colour.
    I am a big fan of Cloudberries jigsaws.

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Metropolis is a 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle by Cloudberries

Metropolis Jigsaw Puzzle (2000 pieces)

Original price was: US $31.24.Current price is: US $15.62.

In stock