Reflection Jigsaw Puzzle (2000 pieces)

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See yourself as a bit of a puzzle nerd? Then the perfectly symmetrical, mirror-effect 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle we call REFLECTION is the ideal challenge for you!

  • Unique mirror-image jigsaw puzzle with two symmetrical sides. Only the cut is different!
  • Almost a meter wide (39 inches!) with 2000 ultra-high quality pieces that fit together perfectly
  • Made in Europe to the highest-possible standards, using FSC paper and board
  • One tree planted for every puzzle sold
  • Completed puzzle size: 98cm x 68.6cm. Full-size poster included.

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This epic 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle for adults has a completely symmetrical design, with two identical sides and a cool mirror effect. However, the pieces on each side are cut slightly differently, making this a fun and difficult puzzle like no other!

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 7 cm
Difficulty level


Piece count

2000 pieces

3 reviews for Reflection Jigsaw Puzzle (2000 pieces)

  1. Byteman58 (verified owner)

    Reflection was an outlier for me when I ordered it— abstract, hot colors, and 2000 pieces— but I wanted a juicy challenge and I’m a big fan of Cloudberries’ offerings.

    The puzzle took me about 10 days to assemble. My first sort was edges, yellows, and everything else and I further sorted as I progressed. I held off on the border because it was meaningless on a puzzle like this. I looked for recognizable color combos— tough because at 2000 pieces each piece held very little information— and plodded on in only 2-3 hour sessions because my brain became bedazzled by the bright colors.

    However, like any large puzzle the process becomes a war of attrition and a bit over halfway through the solving I felt like I finally had this one on the run.

    The overall quality was outstanding. I manually separated three puzzle pairs upon opening the bag, but that was it— hardly a demerit for a 2000-piece puzzle. Nice thickness, moderate fit strength, extremely vibrant reproduction, matte finish, and huge reference poster included. Like other Cloudberries I’ve done, this puzzle had a slightly waxy finish, not entirely to my liking, that dissipated as it sat on my table. Recommended for any fellow masochists out there!

  2. Marko

    Very good quality product. From the initial unboxing to the final completed jigsaw, you feel like you are dealing with a high end product. All pieces were very accurately cut. One piece ended up being missing, but a replacement was sent out after only a couple of emails. Overall a good company, good puzzle and a good challenge!

  3. Chris Starkey (verified owner)

    A real challenge. Bought for our son and daughter in law so that they can challenge each other by doing one half each! Excellent quality. We have bought a range of Cloudberry puzzles and enjoyed all of them Follow up service has also been exceptional.

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Reflection jigsaw puzzle by Cloudberries

Reflection Jigsaw Puzzle (2000 pieces)

US $31.24

In stock