Triptych Jigsaw Puzzle (Special Edition Box Set)

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What could be nerdier than a box set… of puzzles? If you’re a fan of epic trilogies, you’ll love TRIPTYCH – a jigsaw puzzle box set for adults that’s full of fun surprises! Each of the numbered sections is home to a cool, colour-drenched puzzle with 500 expertly cut pieces. Tackle them one by one, or mix the pieces together to create one enormous 1500-piece puzzle. It’s the perfect gift for puzzle nerds, but you might just decide to keep it for yourself!

  • Our most ambitious jigsaw puzzle yet, with three spellbinding 500-piece puzzles in one beautiful box set
  • A total of 1500 pieces – complete them separately or as one three-part epic!
  • Look out for fun, nerdy surprises inside each puzzle, plus full-size posters for each section
  • Features bold, striking designs by Dutch visual artist Jacco Bunt
  • Made in Europe with sustainably-sourced paper and cardboard. One tree planted for every box set sold!
  • Each puzzle measures 48.5cm x 34.5cm

“These are some of my favourite easy and fun puzzles that I’ve done lately.”

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This glorious triptych of contemporary puzzles is a riot of primary colours and bold figures. Between them, the three individual jigsaws feature animals, plants, birds, flowers, fish, trees, furniture and buildings, and then make up a beautiful three-piece work of art when put side by side. Each modern puzzle comes with a separate poem about the jigsaw inside each box.

The special edition box they come in is beautifully designed too, with Pantone colours and bright details from the jigsaws themselves picked out against our classic Cloudberries branding.


These contemporary art jigsaw puzzles were designed by Dutch illustrator Jacco Bunt, who now lives in Berlin. His minimalist pictures feature everyday objects reimagined in bright primary colours to make playful and fun designs.The images are so uplifting to look at that we are including a poster of each puzzle, so that you can hang up some triptych wall art that is guaranteed to make you smile!


Our first ever puzzle box set for adults is made with the same attention to detail as all Cloudberries jigsaws. We manufacture our puzzles in Europe to the highest possible standards and use top quality materials in all our jigsaws. The puzzle pieces are made from extra-thick cardboard that is coated with a textured linen finish, and they are die-cut to ensure that they fit together exactly with a gentle click to make your puzzling even more satisfying.


The environment is important to us here at Cloudberries, so our jigsaws are made from recycled cardboard and paper that comes from sustainable sources. We also use vegetable-based inks in our printing. Not only that but we’ll plant a tree every time you buy a puzzle, to help reforest some of world’s most endangered habitats.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 19 cm
Difficulty level


Piece count

500 pieces

7 reviews for Triptych Jigsaw Puzzle (Special Edition Box Set)

  1. Lynda Gunther

    First. Best ever customer service. Had a problem, quickly solved and better than expected or experienced elsewhere. We have teenage grandchildren who don’t like to “hang out” with grandparents so we bought these puzzles, a round, glass top table and challenged them to a competition. Spent hours in wonderful, casual conversation with them as we competed to complete the puzzles.

  2. Lisa P (verified owner)

    I had so much fun doing these puzzles! The colors were brilliant and the pieces are high quality. More of these designs please!

  3. Janet Morris (verified owner)

    Just finished the Triptych ONE puzzle and am delighted! Great quality and fit, nice matte texture, and vibrant sharp geometries make this so fun and a little more challenging than I anticipated. This is their best value!

  4. Stephen Atkins (verified owner)

    This set of three puzzles is a must have for any Cloudberries fan.
    Not the most difficult, but a very enjoyable jigsaw experience, with plenty of shapes and vibrant colours to keep your enthusiasm going. Happy puzzling.

  5. nomimatz (verified owner)

    I love the geometric style of these puzzles and they are great quality. My box did get scratched up a lot in the mail but I still love this set.

  6. Ruth (verified owner)

    I just started the ONE puzzle ? and I’m already in love ? this puzzle is as all the Cloudberries puzzles perfectly done of very high quality and it makes fun putting it together

  7. susannedenbosch

    I have started doing my CloudBerries-puzzles ‘in order’. Which means: only place a piece if it’s it’s turn (going left to right, row by row). Makes this puzzle entertaining and surpringly challenging. Love the picture, too.

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Triptych is a three puzzle box set from Cloudberries

Triptych Jigsaw Puzzle (Special Edition Box Set)

US $56.24

In stock