Outpost Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

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  • Detailed puzzle with a cool Sci-Fi theme, made especially for grown ups
  • Designed in the UK and crafted here in Europe to the highest-possible standards
  • Made with extra-thick pieces and a premium matt finish
  • Sturdy, matt-effect gift box that looks great on any bookcase
  • Completed puzzle size: 68cm x 48.5cm
  • One tree planted for every puzzle sold
  • Full-size poster included

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Overgrown forests and giant things with wings! Expect the unexpected when piecing together this surreal, otherworldly jigsaw puzzle from Cloudberries.

With art by the Swedish illustrator Kilian Eng, this 1000-piece Sci-Fi inspired puzzle is certainly tough but the rewards are more than worth it! We’ve spent a long time perfecting our puzzles to make sure they deliver the perfect combination of fun details, challenging sections and beautiful art, along with high-quality pieces that fit together perfectly.


Our premium-quality jigsaw puzzles are designed in the UK and made here in Europe to the highest possible standards. We believe that every piece of a jigsaw should look and feel great (and that includes the box!) so that you can display it proudly on a coffee table or bookshelf, rather than hiding it away in a cupboard.


Our puzzle pieces are extra thick to make them durable and strong, and they fit together oh-so-perfectly every time. The jigsaw pieces also have a beautiful textured linen finish, which helps to stop any pesky glare from putting you off your puzzling.


This puzzle is designed to be challenging, but it’s still a lot of fun to build. Work your way through the cool details and the fantastical creatures, discovering all sorts of surprises along the way!


We’re confident that you’ll love this puzzle. Not 100% satisfied? Just return it to us within 30 days for a full, no-hassle refund. We hate missing pieces as much as you do.


We’re Cloudberries, and we make beautiful jigsaws for adults. Every single puzzle is designed with grown ups in mind, and they feature the best possible combination of awesome images and great-quality puzzle pieces that stand the test of time.


Additional information

Weight .740 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 6 cm
Difficulty level


Piece count

1000 pieces

23 reviews for Outpost Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

  1. Lynn (verified owner)

    This was my second Cloudberries puzzle and I loved it. Cloudberries is quickly becoming one of my favorite puzzle brands. Outpost has amazing detail and incredible colors. This is a medium challenge 1000 piece puzzle. Very fun, highly recommend.

  2. Arrowy (verified owner)

    This is a high quality jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are thick, sturdy and fit very well into each other. I definitely recommend it!

  3. Jean K (verified owner)

    I loved the Outpost puzzle because of it’s unique graphics! It was a challenge but truly a welcome one. Thanks for another great quality puzzle!

  4. Chris (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this puzzle and found the quality to be excellent. Have already ordered from Cloudberries again after completing this puzzle! Great customer service too! 10/10!

  5. YS

    My absolute favourite puzzle, not too difficult not too easy and beeeaaauuuutiful! I’m a big fan of Kilian Eng and his art suits puzzles perfectly <3

  6. Sibby (verified owner)

    I bought this puzzle as I wanted a decorative piece for my office wall. It took me about a week working on it here and there. As the pieces are much sturdier than your average puzzle, I would say they slide into each other almost like pieces of a thin wooden puzzle. No more accidentally jamming pieces together that don’t belong! It turned out exactly as I hoped and I plan to keep it on my wall for the foreseeable future. Outpost definitely passes as an interesting bit of art.

  7. someguywhatruns (verified owner)

    This is the latest Cloudberries puzzle I’ve bought (my sixth) and I’ve loved every one of them. This was one of the more easier ones to do, but still challenging enough due to the variety in the detail and different colours showing up. The slight changes to the colours in the different areas was a nice touch which made it easier to organise (so you can tell one purple from another)
    Excellent quality, as always. Keep it up!

  8. MC

    Beautiful design! I love it so much I’ve put it up on the wall!

  9. Brigitte GRAS-POTIER (verified owner)

    This one is the last one I made from my last order : I bought it because the illustration and colours seem fine and I allready know the extra quality of Cloudberries . But making it , what a surprise ! It was better than an imagined and full of surprises .
    I’m just fond of this team and their products !

  10. Matt (verified owner)

    Absolute love this jigsaw. It’s so interesting with so many little elements you don’t see until you get into it. Just the right balance of difficulty to keep you hooked. I was genuinely addicted to this one, staying up to the early hours to complete on my final session. Quality of the pieces is also fantastic. Can’t wait to do this again soon!

  11. Sharon Brown (verified owner)

    Loved this jigsaw. Finally a company that’s looking to produce very different artwork to usual puzzles. The quality of the board was excellent and when finished it could be picked up in one piece. It was hard but not impossible which was a good challenge.

  12. frigerio.riccardo (verified owner)

    I ordered this at the beginning of the lockdown in Italy, but i was able to receive it only after a long period of time. During all this time the Cloudberries staff struggled hard (shoutout to Steve!!!) and constantly in order to ensure the deliver of the parcel in the shortest amount of time possible with no additional expenses, and i can’t honestly commend them more. It’s the best case of customer service that i’ve ever experienced, i can’t thank them enough.

    The puzzles is amazing: the artwork is very unique and colourful, the pieces fit together prefectly and is quite challenging to complete. I’m really glad to have completed it! And now onto the next one: Doodle!!! 😉

  13. Robyn (verified owner)

    Delivery was really quick, puzzle is great quality and really detailed. It is quite difficult, but that is exactly what we needed during this lockdown!

  14. Sean (verified owner)

    Excellent service!
    High quality product and fun to do.
    Bit more challenging than the other one’s I have done.
    This is my 3rd CB puzzle and there will be more!
    Great company to deal with.

  15. A. (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery, considering we’re under lockdown.

    The puzzle was so much fun to do, slightly challenging at the beginning. And it looks great on the wall.


  16. L (verified owner)

    Excellent, quick delivery.

    Wonderful puzzle, beautiful to look at and a nice challenge.

  17. S.P.

    Lots of beautiful colours and shapes The pieces are high quality and sturdy. The puzzle was a good challenge during this lockdown. The overall image is Bold and artistic, I wasn’t going to keep it but my husband and I have decided to frame it. Worth every penny. Can’t wait to do the next one!

  18. S.P

    Just completed this absolutely stunning puzzle. The pieces are good and sturdy. The puzzle was a good challenge during this lockdown. The overall image is Bold and artistic, I wasn’t going to keep it but my husband and I have decided to frame it. Worth every penny. Can’t wait to do the next one!

  19. Julia (verified owner)

    The first time I looked on the website, Outpost was unavailable, but I liked the image so much that I expected it. It ended up being a savior on a lockdown weekend and now I even want to hang it on my wall. Incredible quality and excellent service.

  20. Abi (verified owner)

    I never normally leave reviews, but just had to for these puzzles. I discovered my first Cloudberries puzzle in the Christmas holidays and now have five. I love the range of images available- if you’re going to spend hours looking at a puzzle, it needs to look good! The quality of the pieces far exceeds any other puzzles I’ve tried and the boxes line up beautifully together on the shelf. The customer service is also fantastic. Awesome company.

  21. Ann Hawthorn

    I had a small problem but Cloudberries sorted it by return. Great efficiency and super puzzles. Have already order another. Thanks Cloudberries.

  22. C. A. (verified owner)

    A very complex puzzle with a great sci-fi concept. The end result is exceptional.

  23. C (verified owner)

    These are great – fabulously complex. Good service

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Outpost jigsaw puzzle by Cloudberries

Outpost Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

US $24.99

Out of stock