Space 3D Jigsaw Puzzle (500 pieces)

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It’s puzzling, Jim, but not as we know it! Our epic 500-piece SPACE puzzle takes jigsaws to a new dimension, with an awesome astronaut leaping out from a background of shimmering stars.  So buckle up, nerds: put on your nerdy 3D glasses and boldly go where no puzzler’s been before with this brand new space-themed jigsaw for grown-ups.


  • Stereoscopic puzzle with a cool 3D twist
  • 500-piece anaglyph space-themed jigsaw puzzle
  • Two pairs of 3D glasses included with every puzzle
  • Beautifully packaged in our elegant grey Cloudberries box
  • Made in Europe with sustainably sourced cardboard
  • Completed puzzle size: 48.5cm x 34.5cm
  • Full-size poster included
  • We plant a tree for every jigsaw sold

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Space 3D puzzle from CloudberriesOur anaglyph SPACE jigsaw is out of this world, with its retro old-school vibe and clever 3D design giving it a cool stereoscopic effect. Dodge the manic meteors, soaring satellite and speeding space shuttle, as the images appear to jump out of the jigsaw.

Each puzzle comes with its own space ‘goggles’ – well, our Cloudberries-branded 3D red cyan glasses actually – so you can enjoy the full effect of the picture. And we provide an extra pair too, for your backup commander!


The incredible artwork for this red/cyan puzzle was designed especially for Cloudberries by US illustrator Brad Albright. The image uses bold outlines against a gentle greeny-blue background to make the figures leap out of the picture. But even without glasses, this retro 3D puzzle looks cool – the standout figures float around space, which is coloured in deep shades of purple, blue and green that gradually blend into each other.


As well as using interesting, innovative illustrations and awesome artwork, we make sure that our puzzles are beautifully packaged too. All our jigsaws come in a classic Cloudberries-branded box, which makes a gorgeous gift for any puzzle geek. Though they look so appealing you may be tempted to keep it for yourself…


And the quality of our jigsaws matches up to our high standards of design. We use extra-thick cardboard for the puzzle pieces, which are carefully cut to ensure they fit together with a satisfying click. And we coat them with a textured linen surface to cut down on any glare. So your puzzling experience will be practically perfect in every way!


Here at Cloudberries, we’re not just interested in the planets in space, but in looking after our own planet too. So we use FSC-certified recycled cardboard and paper in our jigsaws. And every time you buy a Cloudberries puzzle, we’ll plant a tree to help reforest some of the world’s most endangered habitats.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 6 cm
Difficulty level


Piece count

500 pieces

About the artist

Brad Albright

Brad AlbrightI’m based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. I specialize in anaglyphic ‘OldSchool’ 3D poster design, illustration, and gallery art. My portfolio can be seen at and Instagram is my go-to for sharing works in progress and exciting new things. I also run my own art business online at Etsy. I grew up moving around the country, but have spent most of the last 20 years rooted here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, which is an interesting blend of old school Texas vibe and updated suburban living.

When I’m not working on my art I like to drink way too much coffee (and let’s face it… also during work). I also enjoy noodling around on the bass guitar, and I try to swim laps a few times a week. I grew up swimming competitively until the end of high school, so it’s nice to enjoy it differently now as a solo activity for keeping myself happy and healthy. Oh! And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my Westie, Sebastian (we call him Bash). He’s an adorable handful at 2 years old. You can witness the cute overload on his own instagram @bradalbright

Read our interview with Brad!

5 reviews for Space 3D Jigsaw Puzzle (500 pieces)

  1. Joeli

    Puzzle quality was good, but had a lot of false fits in the edges. I wish the image on the puzzle was as sharp as it is on the box, but the way it has to be coloured to get the 3D effect makes it feel a bit muddy. Overall, I’d say this puzzle is definitely on the more challenging side for a 500 piece puzzle.

  2. Brigitte Gras-Potier

    Très amusant ! L’effet 3D est fun et la qualité est toujours au rendez-vous .
    Étant française , je l’ai baptisé Tom en l’honneur de notre spationaute bien connu , Thomas Pesquet , actuellement à bord de l’ISSS ?

  3. Xiwatermelon (verified owner)

    A very nice puzzle, not very difficult for a novice like me. My friend also likes it a lot. It has an attractive 3D effect!

  4. Rebecca (verified owner)

    This is my fourth Cloudberries puzzle (2000 piece Gradient?! You read my mind) and I’ve enjoyed every second of them. This one has been just as fun and feels like a flashback to childhood with those blue/red 3D specs. High quality, as always! Looking forward to my next puzzle!

  5. Stefannie (verified owner)

    I really enjoy puzzles by this brand.
    Although I am not fully done this puzzle just yet (half way done)
    I find it’s very fun and challenging.
    Definitely can’t wait to try the glasses once it’s done.

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    • Neat 500-piece jigsaw with a stereoscopic dinosaur design
    • Two pairs of nerdy anaglyph glasses included with every puzzle
    • Beautifully packaged in a classy Cloudberries box
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Space jigsaw puzzle 3D

Space 3D Jigsaw Puzzle (500 pieces)

US $21.24

In stock