Santorini 1000 Piece Puzzle (Small Batch)

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Inspired by the warm seas and fragrant breezes of Santorini, this 1000 piece beauty will make you feel like you’ve been whisked away to an idyllic Greek island. With a fruit-filled fig tree set against a backdrop of traditional blue-and-white buildings, this isn’t our easiest puzzle – but the random-cut pieces will help you ‘fig-ure’ it out!

  • Perfectly cut, random-shaped pieces that feel just right
  • Premium foil-stamped box and a paper bag for the pieces
  • Gorgeous, Greece-inspired illustration by Printer Johnson
  • Full-size poster included to help you puzzle with friends
  • One tree planted for every puzzle sold
  • Completed puzzle size: 70 x 50 cm

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Cloudberries Small Batch puzzles are created with love in small batches. They feature perfect, random-cut pieces, with zero false fits. Expect exclusive, hand-illustrated artwork, along with beautifully simple packaging – for the perfect puzzling experience. We even include a free, full size poster with every puzzle.

Additional information

Weight .74 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 6 cm
Piece count

1000 pieces

Difficulty level


Cut type

Random cut


Puzzles by female artists

About the artist

Vicki from Printer JohnsonVicki Johnson

I am based in Norwich, a fine city. You can visit our site at I specialise in illustration for paper stationery and wall art as well as designing, publishing and licencing my work (so that Cloudberries can turn it into fantastic jigsaws!) I also sell the work of other illustrators and makers in my bricks and mortar shop No.31. My work is inspired by flora, fauna and folklore. I love the outdoors, I am a keen gardener and mother to many house plants which make regular appearances in my illustrations.

Read our interview with Vicki here!

1 review for Santorini 1000 Piece Puzzle (Small Batch)

  1. Tom

    What an amazing company, I origionally bought the metropolis puzzle just under two years ago for fathers day 2022, however we was missing 5 pieces which devasted the both of us as we was unable to complete the puzzle. feeling down I emailed the company in hopes of getting the 5 pieces to refill the puzzle and they sent out a whole new puzzle almost instantly. However as each puzzle is made randomly cut we was still left 5 piecless on our origional puzzle. I felt down as we had alreay placed 1995 pieces and it felt like a blow to have to do it all over again. Cloudberries noticed my disapointment and asked me to choose a puzzle on the house. I landed on this one with the beautiful design and received it just now! just in time to complete a puzzle with my dad for fathers day 2024.

    This company goes above and beyond and I will definitley be buying more puzzles from them as well as reccomending them to everyone i know!

    The quality of both the look and the feel of these puzzles is outstanding, definitley the top of the market here. Thankyou cloudberries and their amazing customer service. I really appreciate you all!

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Santorini 1000 piece puzzle for adults

Santorini 1000 Piece Puzzle (Small Batch)

US $37.50

In stock