Meet the artist: Vicki Johnson

Vicki Johnson

We’re back, puzzle fans! For the next part of our Meet the artist series, please let us introduce you to Vicki Johnson (AKA Printer Johnson), the amazing artist behind our puzzles HIDEAWAY and ROOSTER.

We love Vicki’s bright, bold designs, which appear on everything from paper stationery to wall art, and we couldn’t wait to catch up with her for this interview, where we asked her about her unique creative process – and find out about the challenges of juggling her artistic endeavours and being her own publisher!

Hideaway puzzle by Cloudberries

We’re curious: what was your favourite thing about designing HIDEAWAY and ROOSTER?

Making new illustrations is always the best it of my job. Both are part of larger collections on some of my favourite themes.

Okay, so where did you get your ideas for the two puzzle designs?

My Rooster illustration is part of a collection of work loosely inspired by Fraktur folk art created by Pennsylvania Germans from the mid-eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries. I was drawn to this style for its joyful, colourful and stylised depictions of birds and floral motifs used to illuminate manuscripts. 

The illustration used for the Hideaway jigsaw is part of a collection inspired by Mexico. This illustration depicts a typical central pillared courtyard garden found in hacienda-style homes adorned with cacti and tropical plants. My perfect Mexican getaway!

What sort of art styles do you specialize in and how has this shaped you as an artist?

My background is in textile design and screen printing. My illustrations are decorative, often playing with bright colours and patterns. Making work for production with traditional printmaking methods reduces your colour pallet and I love to see how many tones I can create by overlaying these colours which also gives it a particular look.

What’s the most challenging part of your work?

I publish my work in collections of paper stationery and wall art which I supply to shops, galleries and museums and sell in my own shop here in Norwich (in the UK). I see myself more as a publisher than an artist or illustrator and so much of my time is spent managing the business side it can be hard to make time to create new collections.

What’s the best thing about your work, more generally?

Having creative control over the themes and ideas I choose to work with rather than working to commission is such a joy. I also love seeing what customers do with my prints and cards and seeing my work out there in the world is hugely satisfying.

What made you decide to work with Cloudberries?

It is so exciting to see your work applied to a new product and was delighted to be approached by Cloudberries to turn these illustrations into jigsaws! I also like the quality of the product, the contemporary choice of designs and Cloudberries’ commitment to making a sustainable product.

How did you find the experience collaborating with Cloudberries for the puzzles?

It was a very straightforward easy process. The hardest part is waiting while the puzzles go into production before you can see the finished product!

Alright Vicki, where else can we view your gorgeous designs?

You can follow me on Instagram, pop into my shop No.31 or visit my website where you can browse and buy from my full collections alongside selected prints and stationery from other illustrators and publishers stocked at No.31.

Wanna get puzzling right away? Check out HIDEAWAY and ROOSTER right now!

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