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Gift ideas for puzzle nerds

While a true puzzle lover will never say no to a new jigsaw, you might be looking for more interesting ways to indulge their passion. There are plenty of puzzle-shaped gifts out there, but why not get them something they’ll really use? Here are some of our favourite present ideas for puzzle nerds.

Buy them a nerdy book about puzzles

This book is great for people who love puzzles

Author Chris McCann explores the Golden Age of puzzle art in his book Master Pieces: The Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles, with examples from British, European and American puzzle artists. The full-colour images are actually samples from the author’s own 500-puzzle collection, assembled for the book. There’s also a collector’s guide for anyone that might have a rare puzzle hidden somewhere in their collection. A great gift for any Puzzle Nerd® who also has an interest in history and all things vintage.

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Get them a custom puzzle table

A custom puzzle table with pull-out drawers is a great way to impress a jigsaw lover

If you’re handy with a saw, you could really wow your favourite puzzle fiend with this custom coffee table. Its looks stylish enough to be a permanent fixture in your loungeroom, but it has all the extras that a Puzzle Nerd® needs. You’ll find three pull-out drawers on either side, some with smaller compartments, perfect for storing puzzles in progress or sorted pieces.

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Enter them into the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship

Visit the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship in the Villadolid Millennium Dome

Nothing tells your loved one you have confidence in their puzzling abilities like signing them up for the biggest competition in the world. At the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship, they can compete as either an individual or part of a pair or team. And the best part? The competition is held in the Millennium Dome in Valladolid, so it’ll include a trip to Spain!

Register at, or check out more puzzling events in this guide.

Order them some puzzle art

Iron Horse puzzle montage by Time Klein

Did you know that many jigsaw puzzle manufacturers use the same die to cut a number of their designs? American artist Tim Klein saw a way to use this to his advantage and has created these incredible montages that combine pieces from two different puzzles. For the puzzle purist these might push a few buttons, but his mashups of animals, cars and landscapes make a pretty unique and fun addition to your wall.

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Treat them to a Cloudberries gift card

Add a Cloudberries gift card to your cart

We couldn’t really talk gifts for puzzle lovers without a mention of our own offerings. We know that puzzle nerds can be very particular about what kind of design floats their boat, so sometimes it’s safer not to decide for them. These digital gift cards can be emailed to your loved one on the date of your choosing, along with a personalised message.

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Surprise them with our eco-friendly Puzzle Nerd® bag

Organic cotton Puzzle Nerd bag by Cloudberries
One tree planted cotton bag by Cloudberries is a great gift for puzzler

This Puzzle Nerd® bag by Cloudberries and the Danish brand Neutral® is the cherry on top of an awesome gift bundle for puzzle lovers! Made from 100% certified organic cotton and awarded an EU Ecolabel for environmental excellence, this bag is a great way to show your love for the planet when shopping. It also fits two of our 1000-piece puzzles, which makes it the perfect addition to any collection of puzzle accessories!

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Or, if you prefer, give the gift of one of our 1000-piece puzzles!