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10 strange uses of jigsaw puzzles in stock photos

Sometimes puzzle pieces appear in the strangest of places! And we don’t mean ‘down the back of the sofa’ – we’re talking about online photo libraries, where jigsaw puzzles are used to illustrate everything from relationship woes to serious team-building adventures.

Need a photo of businessmen playing with an enormous puzzle? Or how about a couple of puzzle pieces with big, wobbly eyes? Whatever you’re after, it seems the internet’s photo libraries have you covered. Here are some of the best (okay, worst) uses of puzzle pieces that the world of stock photos has to offer.

A five-person meeting to play with random, oversized jigsaw pieces? What kind of company is this? And how do we get a job there?

Some puzzle stock photos are really bad
Source: Pxhere (CC)

They’re smiling, but only because Clive from marketing made them.

Stock photo of businesspeople and a jigsaw
Source: Pexels (CC)

Ooh, just one piece left! But wait… your eye is all… wrong.

Jigsaw puzzles always get used by stock photographers
Source: Pxhere (CC)

Welcome to Puzzle Hell, where every piece is an edge piece.

Every piece is an edge piece in this strange jigsaw photo
Source: Maxpixel (CC)

Let’s hope there’s booze in that can. What could this one possibly illustrate?

This may be the most strangely specific stock photo ever.
Pic: Maxpixel (CC)

“No, I won’t go for dinner with you. I’m staying home and giving my puzzle pieces names.”

Some stock photos feature jigsaw puzzles
Source: Pixabay

Susan, are you okay? You look a bit… puzzled.

Source: Pixabay (CC)

Stay at home, young puzzlers. This is one for the grown ups.

There are some really odd stock photos with jigsaw puzzles in

You mean you don’t keep your puzzle pieces in gold boxes?

Sorting each of your puzzle pieces with individual cubes not very realistic... not practical.
Source: Pixabay (CC)

You guys point at the puzzle if you like, but I’m just going to drink my coffee.

Source: Maxpixel (CC)

Next time you want a good laugh, explore a stock photo site. These were some of the strangest stock photos we found, but we’d love to see yours! Share them with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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