The world’s best places for jigsaw puzzle nerds to visit

We can all agree that puzzling makes a great at-home pastime, but for the most part, home is where jigsaw puzzles stay. But what kind of opportunities are there for puzzle nerds to enjoy their hobby in the wider world? You’ll be glad to hear that there are jigsaw lovers in every part of the globe, who have created attractions for those who share their passion. Here are some puzzle-friendly tourist attractions that you might want to add to your bucket list!

Victoria & Albert Museum, UK

Antique jigsaw puzzle at the Victoria and Albert Museum

This London museum features the world’s largest collection of applied arts and design, including an entire collection dedicated to childhood. You won’t find any puzzles for adults here, but you will see some rare and beautiful jigsaws from the 1900s.

Puzzle Mansion, Philippines


The town of Tagaytay is a popular beach destination for locals, but for puzzle enthusiasts there’s one particular place worth visiting. Georgina Gil-Lacuna set the Guinness World Record for the largest jigsaw puzzle collection in 2012, with 1,028 different sets, and apparently completed them all herself. She’s since passed away but Puzzle Mansion now holds her entire collection, as well as a shop full of unique puzzles.

The Strong National Museum of Play, USA

As the name suggests, this museum in Rochester, USA, is dedicated to all things related to toys and games. In 2014 they acquired the Anne D Williams collection featuring more than 7,000 rare puzzles, plus puzzle paraphernalia and puzzle-making equipment. Among the artefacts is what is considered to be the world’s first jigsaw – the dissected map by John Spilsbury.

Puzzle Island, Netherlands

Island shaped like a puzzle piece, Netherlands

Your eyes do not deceive you – this island is in fact shaped like a puzzle piece. It is of course a manmade feature, created as part of the Maarsseveense Plassen recreation park near Utrecht. Featuring a giant slide, picnic areas and playground equipment, Puzzle Island can apparently be “nearly” seen from space.

Brierley Jigsaw Gallery, Australia

This museum in Australia is full of jigsaw puzzles

The small town of Bridgetown in Western Australia has a unique claim to fame: it’s home to the only jigsaw gallery in the Southern Hemisphere. The collection was originally started in 1940 by the owner of a guesthouse, who would frame puzzles that had been completed by her visitors. The collection was made public in 1978 and has now grown to include puzzles of all themes and sizes, including the world’s smallest wooden jigsaw.

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