NEW: Puzzles for pets

Puzzles for pets

Tired of having your puzzle pieces eaten, nibbled on or smuggled out of the room? Then we have pawsome news for you! Our new range of pet puzzles is here, designed to keep your furry friends busy while you complete your puzzles. Here’s what you can expect…

1. Super tough pieces

Unlike our human puzzles, these beauties are made to withstand the toughest of doggy dentures. No more finding half-chewed puzzle pieces down the back of the sofa!

Puzzle pieces often get eaten by dogs

2. Smells they will love

Our pet puzzles are loaded with your four-legged friend’s favourite aromas. Choose from pet-friendly scents like catnip, bone marrow and smelly sardines.

Scented puzzles for cats

3. Wheely good pieces

Just like regular Cloudberries puzzles, our new pet-friendly designs feature perfectly cut pieces. Even little hamsters can get involved too!

Hamster puzzles

Still reading? It’s April 1st, and you probably need more coffee. Go check out our real-life animal puzzles instead!