6 fun board games for people who like puzzles

Puzzle lovers, have you ever wondered what it’s like to merge the satisfaction of puzzle-solving with the interactive excitement of board games? 

Well, you’re in for a treat! We’ve scoured the world of board games to find those that resonate with our puzzle-loving souls. So, let’s embark on this journey where we explore board games that not only complement but elevate our passion for puzzles.


Fast-Paced Fun for Geometric Geniuses

Picture Tetris in a safari setting, where players race against the clock to fit geometric pieces into a pattern. That’s exactly what you can expect from Ubongo. It’s the perfect fusion of speed and spatial reasoning. Get ready to cheer “Ubongo!” as you conquer these challenging shapes!

Exit: The Sacred Temple

Escape Room Excitement at Home

If you’re fascinated by the intricacies of escape rooms, Exit: The Sacred Temple brings that adventure right into your living room. This game weaves together puzzles, riddles, and a captivating story, requiring players to collaborate and solve the mystery. It’s a one-time play, but the rich experience is absolutely memorable. Gather your team and let your collective intelligence shine!

Galaxy Trucker

Cosmic Conundrums with a Side of Laughter

Now, let’s take our puzzle-solving skills to outer space with Galaxy Trucker. This game is a wild ride where players build spaceships using assorted tiles and then watch their creations face the perils of the cosmos. It’s a hilarious blend of strategy and chaos, where the best-laid plans often go hilariously awry.

Isle of Cats

Feline Fun with a Strategic Twist

Cat lovers, rejoice! Isle of Cats is not only adorable but also a brain teaser. In this game, you’re rescuing cats by fitting them onto your boat. Think Tetris, but with cats! Each feline friend is a different shape, and you’ll need to puzzle out the best way to fit them together. It’s purr-fect for players who love strategic planning and cute cats.


A Cozy Challenge for Puzzle-loving Quilters

Patchwork invites you into a world that mirrors the tranquility of quilting. It’s a duel of minds for two players, where you compete to craft the most beautiful quilt. The Tetris-like pieces add a familiar yet refreshing puzzle element. It’s a serene and engaging game, perfect for a relaxed yet mentally stimulating evening.


A Twist on the Classic Whodunit

Finally, for those who love classic mysteries, there’s Clue: Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle. This game combines the detective work of Clue with the satisfaction of completing a jigsaw puzzle. As you piece together the puzzle, you also uncover clues to solve the mystery. It’s a unique blend that adds an extra layer of challenge to the traditional board game.

And there you have it – a list of board games that are sure to challenge and delight any puzzle lover. 

Whether you’re into speedy challenges, strategic planning, or cooperative problem-solving, there’s something here for everyone. Why not add a new dimension to your puzzle nights with these board game gems? Your love for puzzles is about to get even more exciting!