You designed this puzzle! Now own it.

The world’s first crowdsourced jigsaw puzzle – CROWDBERRIES – has totally arrived!

Crowdberries puzzle

Hundreds of happy puzzle nerds helped to create this awesome new puzzle and we’re so glad that we can finally start shipping them. It’s been a long wait, thanks to covid, Brexit and some other shenanigans, but we think you’ll love the final result!

This puzzle has a pretty incredible backstory. We created a special tool on our website and then invited people to come and colour in a section of the puzzle – all without seeing what other puzzles had already contributed.

Crowdberries is the world's first crowdsourced puzzle

When we revealed the final image – which looked pretty amazing, all things considered – we asked puzzlers on Instagram to help us come up with a fun name, and before long CROWDBERRIES was born!

You can read more about how we made the crowdsourced puzzle here. If you’d like to get your hands on a copy, you can order now on this page!

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