44 of the best jigsaw puzzle accounts on Instagram

UPDATED… again! Now with even more puzzle accounts!

One of the great things about Instagram is the way that people can share the things that they’re passionate about. A quick search will show you just how active and vibrant the Insta puzzle community is. But with the amazing number of puzzle posts out there, it can be tricky to know who are the best puzzlers are to follow. Here’s a selection of the Insta jigsaw puzzlers we think do things really well!

Karen Puzzles

Even if you’re somewhat new to the world of jigsaws, you’re sure to have heard of Karen Puzzles or seen some of her amazing time-lapse videos on YouTube. The good news is her Instagram account is just as full of great content, including plenty of tips and tricks from the puzzle master herself.


Puzzles by Nathan

If you’re looking for time-lapse and stats, you’ve come to the right place. Each post on Puzzles by Nathan features a video of the puzzle being completed, along with details of the brand, number of pieces and the exact time it took to assemble, right down to the second.


Cronicas Puzzleras

If you’re an aspiring Puzzle Nerd®, you’re going to want to follow the Cronicas Puzzleras account. This duo not only post puzzle reviews and videos, but tips and tricks from the many puzzle competitions they take part in. Did you know their home country of Spain holds around 50 competitions each year?


Puzzle in Progress

In her own words, this Puzzle Nerd® loves anything with detail and colour and that’s exactly what you’ll find on her account. You’ll also find regular updates, as Jesso gets through an impressive number of puzzles each month, posting progress pics along the way.


Puzzle Canopy

This Canadian jigsaw fan likes to keep things interesting, taking on the challenges of wooden puzzles, impossible puzzles and giant 24,000 piece puzzles. She’s also no stranger to a jigsaw puzzle competition or two. Look out for a few appearances from her quirky sock collection.


Jigsaw Motion

This is not your standard jigsaw puzzle Instagram. The person behind the camera is clearly a fan of puzzles, but not just putting them together. Here you’ll find extreme close-ups, stop motion animation and special effects, all featuring our favourite pastime.


Tamelephant Puzzles

This Insta is all about colour! While resident puzzler Tammie Anne explores different brands, styles and subjects, all her posts have one thing in common: they’re filled with colour. Expect plenty of progress pics, detail shots and the occasional cat.


Puzzle Storm

There must be something in the Spanish air that creates so many enthusiastic puzzlers. Here you’ll find the progress pics and time-lapse videos that any good puzzle account will offer, but Puzzle Storm also has a knack for choosing fun, colourful puzzles to assemble.


Puzzles by Tessa

We love Tessa’s clean, clear approach to her puzzling and her posting. It’s a delight to the eyes of all those organised puzzlers out there. And if you’re a Dutch speaker, you’re in luck. Tessa often writes her captions in both English and Dutch.


Jigsaw Judy

If you’re looking for puzzle reviews, you’ve come to the right place – Jigsaw Judy (real name Natalie) gives each completed puzzle a rating on the box, pieces and fit. And if you’re based in the US, you can get a good deal on some of her completed puzzles, which she puts up for sale.


Aimi Puzzle Nerd

Hailing from Norway, Aimi fills her feed with loads of colour and fun, and plenty of cute characters along the way. For those that love the process of puzzle assembly, you won’t be disappointed, as Aimi always includes multiple progress shots.


Kiara Jigsaw Puzzle

Kiara’s Instagram feed is a delight to the eyes, and not just for her selection of bright and beautiful jigsaws. Her progress shots and completed puzzles are carefully styled, often using her impressive kitchen counter – surely the envy of any Puzzle Nerd®!


Freaky Puzzles

One of the coolest and most creative new additions to our list, Melbourne-based Freaky Puzzles brightens up other Instagrammers’ feeds with her unique stop-motion videos and neatly composed pictures. Worth a follow!


Ready Set Puzzle

Puzzle fanatics Marc and Lyn, based in New York City, have added an extra element to their puzzle posts – the pair take on challenges and invite their followers to do the same. They also have a YouTube channel where you can watch time-lapse puzzle assembly or couple challenge videos.


Puzzle Pastime

Now Gaby is one Puzzle Nerd® that takes her jigsaws very seriously. Not only does she run her Instagram account, but she’s also a contributor to a puzzle review blog, so you know you can expect plenty of details about her experience putting together each puzzle.


Puzzle Problem

Here’s another account that’s perfect for anyone that’s looking for an extra dose of fun with their puzzles. Puzzle Problem posts challenges for followers to get involved in, with a different theme each week. Join in the fun and share your work with other puzzle nerds!


Bizzle’s Puzzles

Somehow we missed Bizzle’s Puzzles off our list first time around, but consider that oversight corrected! This is one of the most popular puzzler accounts on the ‘gram, with nearly 3000 followers at the time of writing. Account owner Diane certainly knows her stuff and even reviews puzzles online, so she’s definitely worth a follow – and that’s before you add in the beautiful pics and vids!


Puzzles Non-Stop

Feast your eyes on this rainbow feed! This puzzle lover takes on jigsaws of all different types, themes and sizes (even tackling a few 5,000-piece beauties), but they all feature plenty of bright hues.


The Mad Hatter

Trust us when we say you’ll want to follow the Mad Hatter (AKA Eddie Williams)! Not only for the fun pics and heartfelt updates, but also for the fact that this gent organises some epic online puzzle battles. If competitive puzzling is your thing, the Mad Hatter is your man.


Puzzles Fan

The tag line says it all here: Puzzles, only puzzles, always puzzles. Based in Russia, Puzzles Fan does exactly what she promises. If you love jigsaws with sweeping landscapes, famous landmarks or animals, this is the account for you.


Puzzle Knucks

Jenn (aka Puzzle Knucks) is a girl who loves puzzles, and to prove it to the world she set herself a challenge: to complete 150 jigsaws in 2020. Spoiler alert: she made it (with almost three months to spare), so you’ve got plenty of cool content to scroll through.


Puzzling Pediatrician

These might sound like two very different things to bring together, but Kate describes herself as a ‘pediatrician by day, puzzler by night’ and insists that a puzzle a day will keep the doctor away. But don’t worry, most of what you see here will be jigsaw content, including progress shots, challenges and handy puzzle tips.


Puzzle Evangelist

The Puzzle Evangelist (Natasha) has an eye for all things artistic, with her jigsaw collection including famous paintings or landmarks, plus the occasional unusual wooden puzzle. She also hosts a puzzle review blog, but you’ll need to brush up on your Russian to read it.


Nothing But Puzzles

With the brains behind this Instagram account working as an electrical engineer, it’s only natural to expect a deal of precision from this feed. And you’d be right. Puzzle Nerd® Elena lays out her progress pics with an accuracy we can’t help but admire.


Sarah Does Puzzles

As a competitive puzzler, Sarah needs to get plenty of practice in, and that means lots of lots of great puzzle content for her followers. She takes on jigsaws of all themes, but always full of colour and detail.


Gulaylay Puzzle

If you’re a fan of the more classic puzzle design, this could be the account for you. Here you’ll find a collection of fine art, romantic scenery and a few antique maps to boot.


Jigsaws Café

Visiting the Jigsaws Café Instagram feed is like stepping into a story book. The proud puzzler has a love for cartoon animals, illustrated landscapes and whimsical scenes – so you’ll have loads of colour and cute characters to explore.


Love Good Puzzles

We can tell from the fact that she’s completed our famous GRADIENT jigsaw that this ‘grammer does, in fact, love good puzzles. A self-proclaimed puzzle queen, she features lot of progress shots and a few giveaways for her followers.


600 Hours of Puzzle

600 hours – that’s 25 days of puzzling. We think that earns Amanda Faye the rank of avid puzzler. She’s spent her hours putting together lots of bright jigsaws, from classic cartoons to fantasy scenes.


Puzzle Castle

Looking for unusual, hard-to-find puzzles? Puzzle Castle features plenty of kitschy jigsaw pics, normally with the accounts black-and-white logo hidden somewhere in the shot.


Claudis Puzzle

We love a puzzler that proudly displays their year-to-date counter in their profile. At the time of writing, Claudi has racked up an impressive 103 in 2020 alone. You won’t find progress pics here, but you will find very clear shots of all her completed jigsaws.


That Puzzle Life

We like to see people get into jigsaws from an early age, and at just 23, this Puzzle Nerd® has racked up an impressive count on her Insta feed. Along with her completed puzzles and progress pics she provides detailed commentary on the puzzle, plus insights into her life with Lyme disease.


Puzzle Free or Die

The family that puzzles together stays together, isn’t that how the old saying goes? EB and her growing family give you everything from puzzle reviews and tips for completing jigsaws quickly, to the perfect beer to pair with your puzzle!


Jigsaw Puzzle Nut

Who among us can’t say that we’re not a nut for jigsaw puzzles? Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Michele shows off her colourful jigsaw collection, along with the occasional snap of her Burmese cat or life in Australia.


Melys Puzzles

Something about this feed might just give you the idea that the owner is into colour – in a big way. Mely often puts herself in the frame with her completed puzzles, and her ever-changing hair colour adds an extra bit of brightness.


Everyday I’m Puzzlin’

Now this is an approach we can really get behind. This puzzle addict uses jigsaws to explore the world of mindfulness, and we have to say that her Insta feed has left us feeling pretty Zen.


Rainy Puzzles

Based in Seattle, Washington, Rainy Puzzles (aka Ben) keeps things simple with lots of lovely clear progress shots and completed puzzles. He’s also racked up an impressive 51 puzzles in 2020 alone, with more to come!


Puzzle Animal

As well as new jigsaws, Puzzle Animals takes on thrift store finds, so there’s lots of variety to be had here. We’re also happy to see that she refers to herself as a dissectologist – did you know that’s the technical term for someone who loves jigsaws?


Slightly Puzzled

Puzzle fan Monica proudly display her love for anything featuring Disney, cats or pop culture. Scroll through her feed and you’ll also see cameos from her cat and her grandfather, who at 94 years old is still completing puzzles!


Jigsaw Jubie

If you like your puzzles with a side-serving of cats, this is the feed for you. Puzzling must require extra time and patience in the Jigsaw Jubie household, judging from the number of progress pics that have a cat lying on them.


Puzzled About Everything

This jigsaw fan piles on the cute for her feed, which features puzzles of cartoon characters, real life cats and even the occasional comic for puzzle nerds.


Mintyfizz Puzzles

Avid puzzler Kelly has amassed thousands of followers with her fun, bright pics and in-depth posts about all sorts of puzzles, from Cloudberries classics to mind-bending 1000-piece wooden jigsaws!


Louca Por Quebra Cabeça

While a lot of other puzzle nerds focus on completed puzzles and progress pics, you’ll puzzle fan puts lots of her personality into her feed, with selfies wither finished puzzles and plenty of puzzle memes. She’s even created a puzzle playlist!


Bonus account: Cloudberries

What can we say? We could hardly provide you with the list of best jigsaw Instas without include our own humble account. If you’re not already a follower, head there now and click that button. Not only will you get great puzzle content, but competitions, news and sneak peeks of upcoming designs!


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