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18 of the best online puzzle stores (as chosen by puzzlers)

Want to introduce a bit of variety into your puzzle shopping? We’ve got you covered with this mega list of the top online puzzle stores, as recommended by our very own puzzle-loving followers.

Best online jigsaw puzzle stores

We asked thousands of fellow puzzle nerds on Instagram to recommend the best online puzzle store in their home country – and most of them recommended independently owned businesses specialised in puzzles rather than really obvious places like Amazon.

Thanks to their tips, we now have a big list of the best online stores for puzzle nerds. Lots of these already stock Cloudberries puzzles, as well as fun jigsaws by other cool brands. If you have recommendations for online stores in your country (not puzzle brands’ own websites!) leave a comment below and we’ll try to add them to this list.

Mindconnect Australia 🇦🇺

Lots of you recommended this Australian website, which has carried our puzzles since 2020. The company’s main mission is to help prevent cognitive decline through puzzles and brain-training activities, but they also stock tonnes of fun, modern puzzles that appeal to younger puzzlers too. They’ve done a great job helping independent puzzle brands break into the Australian market – and for that, we salute them!

Puzzle Locura 🇦🇩

Andorra’s premier puzzle stop stocks hundreds of designs, including a surprisingly big selection of 3D puzzles. They also have a physical store in Andorra and often run discounts on popular brands.

Puzzles Canada 🇨🇦

A long-time supporter of Cloudberries and a firm favourite with the puzzle nerds of Insta, Puzzles Canada is the biggest puzzle store in… you guessed it, Canada. They offer free shipping deals and process all orders within one day, putting them on par with some of the biggest ecommerce sites out there. We love that they carry so many European brands alongside their great selection of North American puzzles.

Rose Willie 🇨🇦

Run by self-confessed puzzle nerd Anne-Claude, Rose Willie is a puzzle store for people who LOVE puzzles. This Canadian site even has its own range of fun mini puzzles and offers customers a huge range of brands to choose from, including options not found elsewhere.

Trevell 🇫🇷

We wanted this list to be about puzzle stores, rather than puzzle brands, but this one is a bit of both. Based in France, Trevell sells its own range of cool puzzles along with hundreds of others by better-known brands (but not Cloudberries yet). If you’re based in France, this is a great alternative to shopping on bigger sites. 🇫🇮

Considering that it’s a pretty small country, population wise, we get a LOT of Finnish customers. Maybe it’s the aesthetic, or maybe it’s our name (Cloudberries do grow in Finland, after all). If you’re also based in Finland, check out Lautapelit, a board game publisher which also sells everything from party games to puzzles, including some with big piece counts.

Pieni Harrastepuoti 🇫🇮

Another cool Finnish store, Pieni Harrastepuoti has a simple website selling lots of the main puzzle brands. There’s also a physical store in Helsinki, which is worth a visit if you happen to be in town (check out this Helsinki guide if you need more tips)! 🇩🇪

This is a BIG online jigsaw store with more than 7000 designs to choose from. Most are from large puzzle brands at the cheaper end of the market, but you’ll also find interesting options here, including a handful of vast puzzles with over 18,000 pieces.

Books Wagon 🇮🇳

India might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think about puzzles, but thanks to its huge population there is plenty of demand for jigsaws. Our followers recommended Books Wagon as one of the best places to stock up, and they have a decent selection hidden among the thousands of books on offer.

The Jigstore 🇳🇿

Over in New Zealand, The Jigstore is a beautiful site stocking more than 20 of the best puzzle brands, including some designs inspired by New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna. They don’t sell Cloudberries puzzles but this is still a great place for kiwis to stock up on puzzles without paying crazy shipping fees.

Kinuma 🇪🇸

Kinuma is a kids’ store, first and foremost, selling all kinds of fun, unusual games for little ones. But they also do a great line of puzzles for adults (including our own!). Our puzzle nerds had the pleasure of meeting the owners a few years ago and they really do care about finding and sharing the best possible toys and games.

Puzzle Cultura 🇪🇸

Not to be confused with Cultura (a French puzzle website), this Spanish store has around 100 different puzzle brands on offer. They bring in new designs from big brands very frequently, making this a great place to get hold of the latest releases. EDIT: Their new Insta account is here. 🇭🇺

One of our earliest customers when we got started, it’s easy to see why Hungarian puzzles love This is an enormous site, packed with loads of different brands and piece counts, making it a fun place to browse and get inspo for your next puzz. 🇸🇪

More than 15 years old, this Swedish site has a huge selection of jigsaws on offer, from 3D designs to giant floor puzzles for kids. The main attraction is the big selection of 1000 piece puzzles, which, in a country where Amazon is yet to dominate the market, is still one of the best going!

All Jigsaw Puzzles 🇬🇧

Focused mostly on classic-style puzzles that appeal to older puzzlers, this is one of the few online puzzle stores that’s still going in the UK, where Amazon dominates the puzzle market (around 90% of Brits use Amazon, and around half pay for Prime!). They also make their own range of puzzles, including ultra-tricky ones like an all-green ‘lawn’ puzzle.

Puzzledly 🇺🇸

Of all the sites on this list, Puzzledly was hands-down the one site that we got most recommendations for. Yes, a lot of our followers are in the USA. But with free shipping offers, bulk-buy discounts and almost the entire Cloudberries range, they are clearly doing something right!

Puzzle Warehouse 🇺🇸

The self-proclaimed ‘largest puzzle store’, Puzzle Warehouse is a HUGE site! In fact, it claims to have the world’s largest selection of puzzles. Needless to say, you could easily spend hours just trying to decide what to buy here, with themes like nostalgia, religion and culture to explore.

Puzzle Weekend 🇺🇸

A puzzle site doesn’t have to be beautiful, but it sure helps. Puzzle Weekend not only looks good; it has a beautifully curated selection of puzzles, including our new Small Batch range. If you can visit without buying anything, you’re made of stronger stuff than us!

Well that’s a wrap!

How many of these sites have you ordered from? And did we miss any obvious ones? Let us know in the comments (but let’s keep it to puzzle stores that carry lots of puzzles, rather than individual brands’ own websites).