The best jigsaw puzzle brands: 59 fun brands to try

With so many fun jigsaw puzzle brands out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Which ones are worth a look? And which ones will leave you high and dry with a bunch of poor-quality pieces?

With this mega-nerdy post, we want to inspire you and help you discover new brands that you’ve never tried before.

Some of the brands included here have been around for decades, but others are relative newcomers that only arrived with the Great Jigsaw Boom of Early 2020 (AKA, the coronavirus pandemic).

So without further ado, here’s our guide to the best jigsaw puzzle brands. Obviously, the very best brand is Cloudberries, but we know that some of you like to cheat on us and try other puzzle companies too. Honestly, it’s cool. Seriously.

Top puzzle brands
Poolside by Cloudberries

What to look for when choosing a puzzle brand

Picking a new jigsaw puzzle brand can leave you feeling overwhelmed, especially if you’re relatively new to the world of puzzling. With so many brands to choose from, it’s worth breaking things down into a few key sections. These are the things to focus on:

The artwork

Firstly, consider the type of jigsaw puzzle art you can see yourself staring at for several hours at a time. Do you prefer traditional jigsaw puzzles, or are you interested in more challenging and intricate designs?

Some brands specialise in creating complex and challenging puzzles, while others focus on the kind of classic designs that your old Grandma would feel right at home with. So it might sound obvious but when choosing a new puzzle brand, it pays to start with the images first.

The quality

It’s also really important to consider the quality of the puzzle pieces. A decent puzzle should have sturdy, well-cut pieces that fit together neatly without loads of annoying gaps. The puzzle should also be printed well and free from pesky glare (on the glossiest puzzles, for example, it can be very hard to find the right pieces).

The eco-credentials

If you care about the environment, choose a brand that cares about the environment too. Some brands like Cloudberries produce their puzzles in Europe and only make puzzles from FSC-certified paper and cardboard.

Choosing the right puzzle brand can be tricky
Some puzzle brands are better than others

The difficulty level

Another important factor is the level of difficulty. Some puzzles brands only offer designs that are suitable for kids and total newbies, while others cater to more experienced puzzlers.

Consider your own level of experience and choose a brand that offers puzzles that are challenging enough but still achievable for you (you don’t wanna start with a 10,000-piece beast and get put off puzzling for life!).

The reviews

Finally, consider the customer reviews and ratings that each brand gets. Amazon is a great place to start, and some brands also publish reviews on their own site.

Puzzle reviews can provide valuable insight into the quality and reliability of each brand and help you make an informed decision. Also check out social media – puzzlers can be brutally honest about their experiences on platforms like Reddit and Instagram.

59 fun jigsaw puzzle brands worth trying

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of jigsaw puzzle brands from around the world, organised alphabetically. Note that the country refers to where the company is headquartered, NOT where the puzzles are made.

We’ve done our best to make this list accurate but if you spot any errors, or any brands we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments section below!

PUZZLE BrandCountry
AreawareUnited States
Art & FableUnited Kingdom
Bits and PiecesUnited States
Bluebird PuzzlesFrance
Buffalo GamesUnited States
BePuzzledUnited States
BetterCoUnited States
Cavallini & CoUnited States
CeacoUnited States
CloudberriesUnited Kingdom
Cobble HillCanada
Dowdle Folk ArtUnited States
EebooUnited States
FX Schmid (now Ravensburger)Germany
GalisonUnited States
Great American Puzzle FactoryUnited States
HoldsonNew Zealand
House of PuzzlesUnited Kingdom
Jan van HaasterenNetherlands
Karmin Canada
Lawrence KingUnited Kingdom
Master PiecesUnited States
New York Puzzle CompanyUnited States
Orchard ToysUnited Kingdom
Paul LamondUnited Kingdom
Perfect Peace PuzzlesUnited Kingdom
Petit CollageUnited States
PieceworkUnited States
PomegranateUnited States
PuzzlebugUnited Kingdom
PuzzledlyUnited States
Puzzles of ColorUnited States
SpringbokUnited States
Stave PuzzlesUnited States
SunsOutUnited States
TDC GamesUnited States
The Learning JourneyUnited States
University GamesUnited States
Vermont Christmas CompanyUnited States
Wentworth PuzzlesUnited Kingdom
White Mountain PuzzlesUnited States

So, get out there and find the perfect jigsaw puzzle for you! We’d love to hear which brands you discover, so please share! Otherwise, browse our full range of puzzles here.