Puzzle goals to add to your 2024 New Year’s resolutions

It’s that sparkly time of year again, when we dare to dream of a better way to live! And what better way to step into January than jazzing up our jigsaw puzzle habits? 

Whether you’ve been whizzing through puzzles for years now or just diving into the world of jigsaws, here are some quirky resolutions to add to your list and will brighten up your puzzle journey this 2024!

Idea 1: Start framing your completed puzzles

Let’s turn those finished masterpieces into dazzling wall art! Start framing every completed puzzle and create your own gallery of glory. 

Picture this: friends walking into your home, eyes wide, asking, “Is this an art exhibition… or do you actually live here?” Now, that’s how you make an impression!

Idea 2: Join puzzle challenges and communities

Puzzling doesn’t have to be a solo hobby all the time! Join puzzle challenges and communities to find your tribe of puzzle nerds. 

You’ll swap stories, share triumphs, and maybe even engage in some friendly ‘puzzle-offs’. Who knows, you might just find your puzzle soulmate! Our puzzle pen pal page is the perfect place to start. 

Idea 3: Finish one puzzle at a time

We know, we know: new puzzles are irresistible! 

But let’s pinky promise to finish one puzzle before jumping into a new one. 

After all, every completed puzzle is like a high-five to your patience and determination!

Idea 4: Scale up your challenges

Let’s ramp up the challenge level by scaling up from your usual puzzle size. 

Used to doing 1000-piece puzzles? Maybe it’s time to face those 2000-piece puzzles head on. 

Think of it as going from a cosy novel to an epic saga – more pieces, more plot twists, more satisfaction!

Idea 5: Stop starting with the edges

It’s tempting, we know. Not to mention the easiest way to breeze through a puzzle! 

Instead of completing the edges first to flesh out the base of the puzzle, why not focus on the middle pieces of every puzzle first? 

Idea 6: Share, share, share!

Post pictures on social media (don’t forget to tag us @cloudberriesofficial), gift someone a subscription, or pass your used puzzles on to a friend, rather than hoarding them at home. 

You can just focus on creating a ‘permanent collection’ of your favourite designs, all while sharing the joy of puzzling with others. 

Idea 7: Explore new puzzles

Don’t get stuck with just one type of puzzle or brand. The puzzling world is huge, and you can always find new favourites! If this is your first time exploring Cloudberries, we give a 10% discount if you subscribe to our mailing list.  

And there you have it! Who says you can’t add puzzle goals in your new year’s resolutions this 2024? Whether you’re aiming to join competitions or would just like to have puzzling as a hobby on the side, jigsaw puzzles offer endless possibilities for fun, challenge, and creativity. 

Using any of these resolutions? Have more puzzle resolutions in mind? We’d love to hear how you’d like your puzzle journey to turn out this year! Let us know in the comments 👇