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Venn diagrams for jigsaw puzzle fans

Let’s face it, we puzzlers have some… quirks… that show the world just how nerdy we are. If you’re a bit of a puzzle enthusiast, you’ll know exactly what we mean! Look at these Venn diagrams that we painstaking crafted (okay, we threw them together in 10 minutes, but who’s judging?). If you relate to one or more of these, the chances are that you’re a proper Puzzle Nerd®.

Take this one, for starters… I mean… just stating the facts, right?

Venn Diagram 1

Or we could look at convergence of sanity and craziness…

Venn Diagram 2

Of course, we puzzlers never shy away from the big questions…

Venn Diagram 3

But we do have one common weakness…

Venn Diagram 4

Or maybe two…

Venn Diagram 5

Okay, make that three…

Venn Diagram 6

Many people have asked why we dedicate so much time to this glorious hobby, well, the answer is simple…

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