The 10 best jigsaw puzzle accounts to follow on TikTok

Keen puzzle dweebs know how calming and therapeutic puzzling is, but did you know that watching other people puzzling can be a nice little stress-buster too? And great fun, of course!

We’ve done some digging on your behalf to find the best jigsaw puzzle accounts on TikTok. There’s loads of fun puzzle content on TikTok, including time-lapse videos and top puzzle tips – and many of the clips have banging soundtracks added to get you in the puzzling mood.

Here are 10 great accounts to follow on TikTok, with some of the cleverest clips, the funniest and quirkiest voiceovers and the best tunes.


Love watching high-speed time-lapse clips of puzzlers perfecting their art? Then check out Puzzlesbynathan to see a real master puzzler at work. A 20-year-old student at Bristol University, Nathan has a methodical style, adapting his puzzling methods to match the jigsaw – he does this spiral jigsaw in a spiral, for example – and his puzzle clips have attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers. The puzzles have been getting bigger and bigger with one recent clip tackling an astonishing 40,000-piece Disney puzzle.


We defy anyone not to feel festive after watching Arose’s Christmas puzzle clips. The self-styled “gal who love puzzles”, Arose posts videos on all aspects of puzzling including that satisfying moment when you fit the last piece (and that less satisfying moment when, somehow, it doesn’t seem to fit – how does that happen?). This clip of a piece perfectly fitting into a Lion King jigsaw, accompanied by the soundtrack Hakuna Matata, is one of our favourite upbeat puzzling moments.


Offering a quirky mix of time-lapse jigsaw clips and self-deprecating vids about the joys and challenges of puzzling, Lea Larson uses funny voiceovers, lip-synching and creative camerawork to make lighthearted and entertaining puzzle visuals – and she adds great background sounds too.

Check out her clever Mission Impuzzible! clip. We love Lea – she’s a true jigsaw nerd who doesn’t take herself too seriously and whose pleasure in puzzling is infectious. And we know that she’s got the best taste in jigsaws too – as we see her with our very own Cloudberries PIXELS, FAUNA and GRADIENT puzzles.


Mike Olenick posts fun jigsaw-related videos, with top puzzling tips. He’s not afraid of including cheesy puzzle clips too, such as a Kate and Leo Titanic puzzle, to the sound of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On – what else? We also like the topical clip of him doing a jigsaw of the White House, posted on 20 January 2021 – Inauguration Day!



@cloudberriesofficial ? ##satisfying ##puzzle ##perfectmatch

♬ Can We Kiss Forever? – Kina

Tay Griffin puzzles in a very particular way, laying out all the pieces in order first, then doing the jigsaw, which she films in time-lapse, accompanied by a chilled soundtrack. Her posts are quite hypnotic to watch, so sit back and relax and view this calming clip of her doing our Cloudberries Gradient puzzle.



Another #puzzlechallenge 3k pcs 💪This took me so long to put together, don’t let it flop!#puzzle #jigsawpuzzle #magic #fyp

♬ Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra

This is actually a travel blog by Czech Veronika Primm, but she’s a keen jigsaw geek too so there are some fab puzzle vids in here. We defy anyone not to sing along to this uplifting clip of Veronika doing a sunny puzzle of lakes, mountains and skies accompanied by ELO’s Mr Blue Sky.

She even does the puzzle line by line to make it more challenging. Other clips show her doing puzzles in a clockwise direction from the edges into the middle, and we also love the clip where she rolls up the completed puzzle and hugs it to the sound of Portugal The Man’s Feel it Still – true puzzle satisfaction.

Ready Set Puzzle


Cloudberries’ Skyline ##puzzle ##timelapse ##puzzles ##wow ##amazing ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou ##satisfying ##satisfyingvideo ##relax ##relaxing ##myhobby ##color

♬ original sound – Ready-Set Puzzle

Puzzle lovers Marc and Lyn are an appealing couple who post inspiring and uplifting clips of themselves dancing, having fun and, of course, puzzling together, all accompanied by banging tunes.

They do lip-synching, puzzle pick-up challenges and time-lapse teamwork videos – and we can all really relate to their clips about the excitement of a new puzzle arriving in the post! There’s an inspiring clip of them doing our Cloudberries Skyline puzzle, and all puzzle nerds will enjoy this funny vid about who puts in the last piece!

Piecely Puzzles

The German Piecely Puzzles account has loads of time-lapse vids of people doing puzzles of all shapes, sizes and shades. Our favourite, of course, is the clip of someone doing our colourful Cloudberries 1000-piece Gradient puzzle accompanied by the mellow sound of Green Eyes by Amilli. Look out, too, for the great clip of someone rolling up the completed Gradient puzzle into a tight roll – it shows just how well our top-quality pieces fit and stay together!


Dogs and puzzles – what’s not to like? Well, Ok so this account is mostly devoted to Coconut Rice Bear, an exceptionally cute and fluffy Samoyed dog, but there are also some puzzle vids in here too. We particularly like this clever reverse time-lapse of a dog puzzle accompanied by The Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams. The film is actually of the puzzle being broken up, but because it’s reversed it looks like the whole jigsaw is being completed – in less than 40 seconds!


And, of course, you should check out the Cloudberries TikTok account to watch fun clips of our puzzles falling into place in the most oddly satisfying way possible! If you want to see more videos of puzzle fans having fun with our beautifully made jigsaws, check out #cloudberries on TikTok.

We’re just getting started, but if you jump on the #cloudberries hashtag you can see loads of mellow clips of people puzzling. We particularly love this upbeat time-lapse clip of our Doodle puzzle being completed to the sounds of Dance Monkey by Tones and I!

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