7 of the best flower puzzles for adults

Roses are red, violets are blue – and flower puzzles are good for you. It’s true: spending time around flowers and working on jigsaw puzzles are both activities with documented mental health benefits.

And the good news is, there are loads of fun, floral puzzles out there, which combine the beauty of plants with the chilled-out sense of accomplishment that only a good jigsaw can deliver.

Here are seven of our favourite floral puzzles for adults, including 500- and 1000-piece jigsaws that are not only a lot of fun to complete, but also ooze natural beauty!

Flowers jigsaw puzzle (1000 pieces)

With bold, bright blooms set against a jet-black background, FLOWERS is one of the first-ever jigsaw puzzles from Cloudberries.

The petals, leaves and stems of the garden flowers seem to jump out from the puzzle, and the image looks ultra-realistic. This unusual effect was created by scanning live flowers (a technique known as scanography) before painstakingly removing pollen and other imperfections from the final image.

Bloom jigsaw puzzle (1000 pieces)

For a completely different (and much more challenging) type of modern flower puzzle, look no further than BLOOM. This 1000-piece jigsaw is divided into eight distinct panels, each depicting an abstract flower.

The coolest thing about this puzzle is that four of the flowers face one direction, while the other four plants face the opposite way. This makes BLOOM a fun puzzle to complete with a friend (you can sit on opposites sides of the same table and both see what you’re doing!).

Hideaway puzzle (500 pieces)

The first 500-piece plant puzzle in our list is HIDEAWAY, a surprisingly tricky jigsaw with a totally relaxed vibe.

We chose the name HIDEAWAY because we think it perfectly encapsulates that feeling you get when you finally sit down somewhere tranquil to start a good puzzle. There’s an empty chair, verdant palms, and colourful pots of cacti, all set against a cool blue backdrop.

Petals jigsaw puzzle (500 pieces)

Rock ‘n’ roll, puzzlers, it’s time for some heavy petal! We reckon this 500-piece puzzle called PETALS is about as cool as flower jigsaws get, with bold shocks of orange and magenta on an inky-black background.

Expect purple passionflowers, orange proteas and delightful dahlias, all sprouting up from a painted planter. And as with all Cloudberries puzzles, we plant a tree for every flowers puzzle sold.

Botany jigsaw puzzle (1000 pieces)

In some ways BOTANY is like a classic flower puzzle, with a plant-filled foreground giving way to a mountain scenery.

But the style adopted by Japanese artist Naomi Okobu gives this jigsaw a unique and memorable look. Subtle colour gradients merge with bold, bright patterns, adding tonnes of fun details and making this a tricky puzzle to put down.

Backyard jigsaw puzzle (1000 pieces)

One of our most popular flower jigsaws ever, BACKYARD was illustrated by the Argentinian artist Laura Garcia Serventi. Using shades of salmon and jade, she created a floral puzzle image that’s just the right mix of beautiful and challenging.

The soft pinks contrast delightfully with the cool grey of our classic Cloudberries branding, making this plant-filled puzz the perfect gift for green-fingered puzzlers.

Courtyard jigsaw puzzle (500 pieces)

The sister puzzle to BACKYARD (see what we did with the names?!) this 500-piece garden puzzle is easier to get finished, but no less satisfying. It uses the same modern style and is filled with fabulous foliage and flowers.

Thanks to the smaller piece count, COURTYARD is kinda perfect for ‘budding’ puzzlers! Geddit?

All of these puzzles are made in Europe using FSC paper and cardboard. And, because we’re the kind of puzzlers who think nature is pretty neat, we’ve pledged to plant a tree for every puzzle sold – not just the ones with plants on them!