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7 cool city puzzles for adults (with videos!)

Ever gazed at a jigsaw puzzle of the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty and thought, “Been there, done that?” We feel you. At Cloudberries, we don’t like boring. So when it came to designing our first city jigsaw puzzles, we decided to break the mould.

Instead of plain old photographs, you can look forward to fun, creative takes on the classic travel puzzle, with cool designs and loads of quirky architectural details to keep things interesting. Here are 7 of our favourite city puzzles for adults, each with a unique Cloudberries twist…


500 pieces

Location: Hull, UK

It’s hardly a major tourist hub, but our BUILDINGS puzzle takes you to the unlikely destination of Hull – the UK’s 16th biggest city. Illustrated by the talented local artist Joseph Cox, this 500-piece puzz let’s you build everything from towering blocks to charming Tudor houses.

Assemble your own grand designs while the mellow colours soothe your senses. This is a puzzle that’s perfect for anyone who loves architecture and design – and because it’s relatively small, it’s super satisfying to complete.


1000 pieces

Location: New York City, USA

NYC isn’t your run-of-the-mill Big Apple puzzle. Expertly designed by the amazing Koivo, this 1000-piece puzzle captures the iconic landmarks of NYC with a quirky, abstract twist.

The colour scheme is almost autumnal, with its deep reds and greens, but this is a fun puzzle to complete whenever you’re longing for a trip to the city that never sleeps. So take a big bite outta the Big Apple – just don’t let any of that juice drip onto your pretty puzzle!


1000 pieces

Location: Taobao, China

Our CROSSROADS puzzle lets you explore the semi-rural setting of Taobao, China.

Inspired by the speculative design for the Chinese online shopping platform Tabao’s very own ‘Ecommerce city’, and created by Drawing Architecture Studio, this puzzle brings to life a cityscape that’s both charmingly vibrant and incredibly detailed. Just be sure to look both ways before crossing the street!


1000 pieces

Location: Shanghai, China

SKYLINE transports you to modern Shanghai, bathed in neon pinks, purples, oranges, and blues. It’s not an easy puzzle but the end result is mega impressive – a nighttime cityscape that’s equally retro and futuristic.

Designed for Cloudberries by the imaginative Romain Trystram, who has worked with huge corporate clients like Mercedes-Benz, it’s a neon-drenched adventure you won’t want to miss.


1000 pieces

Location: London, UK

Our LONDON puzzle takes you on a cool, minimalist tour of the English capital’s architectural delights.

Designed by the innovative Linescapes studio, this 1000-piece puzzle lets you assemble the city’s iconic landmarks piece by piece. Ready to go on a London tour right from your living room? Just mind the gap!


1000 pieces

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Say ‘Konnichiwa’ to our ‘TOKYO’ puzzle! This 1000-piece marvel blends deep blues and purples with intricate details to create a vibrant, unforgettable portrayal of the world’s largest city.

This puzzle offers the perfect mix of ultra-detailed sections and easy, colourful areas, making it as fun and rewarding as a puzzle can be!


2000 pieces

Location: Beijing, China

Last, but certainly not least, our ‘METROPOLIS’ puzzle offers a birds-eye view of the crowded, bustling city of Beijing like no other. Packed with 2000 pieces of intricately detailed city life, this is our biggest and most challenging city puzzle yet.

Explore each street corner, rooftop, and apartment in a cityscape nearly a metre wide. The concrete jungle has never looked so intriguing, or so pretty!

Where next?

So there you go! No ‘classic’ cityscapes here, but a whole world of vibrant colours and fun shapes to explore. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below and tell us which cities you’d love to see transformed into Cloudberries puzzles next. Let’s keep making puzzling more fun, together!

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