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Meet the artist: Eija Vehviläinen

Eija Vehviläinen

Gather round green-fingered garden-lovers! If you love the bold colours of our latest flower puzzle, BLOOM, and are eager to learn who’s responsible for another one of these brilliant Cloudberries designs – we’ve got what you’re looking for!

Learn more about the artist who made this gorgeous puzzle blossom in our neat interview with Finland-based Eija Vehviläinen, the incredible designer of our 1000-piece work of art, BLOOM!

How did you conceptualize your design for BLOOM?

In 2019 I illustrated a simplistic wall calendar for 2020 that contained 12 different flower illustrations, inspired by real and imaginary flowers. The original idea was to create a coherent set of illustrations that later on could be mixed and matched freely for different combinations and be used as postcards or art prints on the wall. I also gave the folks at Cloudberries completely free hands to choose and make their own combination for the puzzle and couldn’t be happier how BLOOM turned out!

What is your dream as an artist/designer?

To be able to do what I’m currently doing and to get by by doing it! I know it’s a privilege. But most importantly, being insightful and creating at least somewhat meaningful work. I’m intrigued by all the interesting possibilities this career can offer.

What is your daily work schedule like?

It depends a lot! I like to start my mornings slowly if possible. After breakfast I answer some work emails and do some sketching and planning. After that I take a stroll in the nearby forest or a park. I usually work from 11 am to 6 pm but if there’s a deadline approaching, I might end up working up to 10 to 12 hours a day. Sometimes I might be so excited about a project that I forget to take breaks.

Where else can we see your stunning designs?

I’ve worked with various interesting companies and brands during the past few years. For example, my illustrations can be found on beer labels and recyclable coffee cups. I’ve also done some pattern designs for a few clothing labels. Lately I’ve been doing some editorial illustrations for Finnish magazines. For those interested in buying a print, my flower illustrations can currently be found at King and McGaw’s webshop.

How do you develop your love for art and design?

For me, art means an escape from an everyday life. It gives possibilities to see things differently, sometimes to defy gravity and to illustrate abstract subjects that otherwise would be impossible to portray. Through art and design you can send a message or build an interesting narrative, evoke emotions or simply just express yourself. What’s not to love?

How was it like working with Cloudberries for a puzzle design?

It was easy and fun! Communication is the key when collaborating and Cloudberries has probably the kindest people to work with! I was also very impressed with the quality of the puzzles – this made the collaboration even more pleasant. Sharing the same values in respecting and protecting the environment was also an important factor.

What’s the most memorable part about partnering with the brand?

The most memorable part was probably when Cloudberries reached out to me in the first place and asked for a collaboration! I’d never thought my design could be turned into something like a puzzle so I was very excited and intrigued for the opportunity.

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