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Fun jigsaw puzzle sites to check out when you’re bored

Bored stiff and too far away from your puzzle stash? Thankfully, there’s plenty of fun puzzle content to explore online. We’ve uncovered loads of fantastic puzzle websites that will help you beat boredom and give your brain a workout. Whether you’re looking for fun jigsaw puzzle blogs, jigsaw puzzle activities or even a place to do puzzles online, these 10 jigsaw puzzle sites are a decent place to start!

Jigsaw Planet

Jigsaw planet website

When you’ve got a few minutes to spare and fancy some quick online puzzling, Jigsaw Planet is a fun site to check out. Many of the puzzles are simple speedy jigsaws that are under a hundred pieces and can be easily done in less than 10 minutes, but there are also some larger more challenging ones that will take you longer.  This is puzzling against the clock – the four fastest times are shown below the jigsaw and the clock starts as soon as you click on the first piece. So what are you waiting for? Ready, set, puzzle!

Jigsaw Explorer

jigsaw explorer website

Jigsaw Explorer has a great range of online puzzles, including a new jigsaw posted each morning so that you can get your daily fix of puzzling. There’s a variety of categories to pick from, such as travel, nature, animals or classical painting – and there’s a challenging section, too, for real puzzle geeks.

You can make the jigsaw easier by sorting the side pieces before you start, or harder by using the rotate function so that you don’t know which way round they are. And there’s an easy-to-use rollover function so that you can see the finished image – or hide it if you like to make things more challenging! There’s also a link so that you can puzzle online with a friend. This site has got a great selection of online puzzle content, which could keep even the nerdiest nerd occupied for hours.

Jigsaw Junkies

jigsaw junkies website

If you want the lowdown on different puzzle brands, this site is packed with useful information, with jigsaw reviews and interesting info about different genres of puzzle, such as cutaway, cartoon and gradient puzzles, plus time-lapse clips of some of the puzzles being done.

The reviews are very detailed – it’s clear the writers have actually done the jigsaws – and there are plenty of handy puzzling tips, plus interviews with jigsaw designers and artists. There’s also a brand comparison chart rating a selection of puzzle brands according to criteria such as image design, and thickness and fit of the pieces, so you know which brands to look out for – after you’ve completed all our Cloudberries puzzles, of course!

Lia’s Jigsaw Puzzles

lia's jigsaw puzzles website

Lia is puzzle fan with a keen interest in the methods and techniques of puzzling. She posts pictures of her jigsaws with close-ups of certain areas, comments about the image and links through to further information about the artist or events depicted in the image.

For larger puzzles, such as a 6000-piece jigsaw of Linderhof Castle and the mega 40,000-piece Beauty and the Beast puzzle, she provides pics and commentary on each stage of the development of the puzzle, from opening the box to the completed puzzle.

Lia’s Jigsaw Puzzles


Reddit is great source of inspiration for puzzlers too, with loads of pics of puzzles with comments and conversation from puzzlers around the world. You can add comments about the puzzle pics posted, ask questions and share tips. We love this pic of a cat enjoying our famous Gradient puzzle!

Daily Jigsaw Puzzles

daily jigsaw puzzles website

This site does exactly what it says on the tin – a free online puzzle each day, plus a back catalogue of loads of puzzles on various themes, such as castles, buildings and food and drink. It has a clever piece rotation function, which enables you to turn the pieces round for more challenging puzzling, and you can choose the difficulty level. Or you can use the random selection button and let the site choose a puzzle for you. You puzzle against the clock, and there’s a leaderboard to check how you’re doing against the competition.

Bizzle’s Puzzles

bizzle's puzzles website

Diane at Bizzle’s Puzzles is a real jigsaw junkie (and dog lover) whose website links through to her Insta site, where she posts loads of great puzzle pics, plus time-lapse clips of her puzzling. She also reviews jigsaws and gives insights into her puzzling methods and favourite jigsaws. We know she’s got good taste too, because she loved our Cloudberries Gradient 1000-puzzle so much that she bought the 2000-piece version, which she describes as “Definitely the most satisfying puzzle ever!”

My Jigsaw Journal

my jigsaw journal website

If you just fancy a nosey around someone else’s puzzle collection or some inspiration for your next puzzle, then check out My Jigsaw Journal. The self-styled “Queen of the Puzzles”, who calls herself a proud puzzle geek, has posted pics and info about every jigsaw she’s done month-by-month since 2016. And she sure gets through a lot of puzzles a month! She adds advice on how to solve jigsaw puzzles plus genuine comments and reviews about each jigsaw – and she doesn’t mince words if she doesn’t like a puzzle or it’s not up to scratch! So, luckily, she loved our Cloudberries PIXELS puzzle.


crazy 4 jigsaws website

Crazy4jigsaws has free online puzzles where you can chose the shape and number of the pieces – and the pieces make a satisfying click when they’re fitted together correctly, so that you know they’re in the right place. There are loads of different categories, such as wildlife, artwork and famous places, while the premium service, which you pay for, gives access to more variety and more complex puzzles.

The Jigsaw Puzzles

the jigsaw puzzles website

If you’re looking for things to cure boredom, this site is a trove of online puzzles on subjects as varied as bridges, art and money – and it posts a new puzzle each day. There are an astonishing 1400 jigsaws of waterfalls, and 1800 puzzles of street scenes around the world from the Azores to Tokyo. You can also change the shape of the pieces, and chose how many pieces each puzzle has – from 20 to 500.

So, what you waiting for? Get online, hook up with fellow Puzzle Nerds® and discover a whole raft of boredom-busting online puzzle content.

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