6 scrumptious food puzzles for adults (with videos!)

Hungry for puzzles? Then our scrumptious collection of food-themed jigsaw puzzles is sure to tickle your taste buds! These 6 mouthwateringly pretty designs feature everything from Asian delicacies to a no-frills English fry up, making them perfect for the chef or food fan in your life.

Get ready to satisfy your cravings and feast your eyes on these delectable puzzles for foodies!

Food puzzles can be a lot of fun

1000 piece food puzzles

Made right here in Europe, our 1000 piece puzzles have plenty of small details to get stuck into. And although they’ll take a while to get finished, the end result is super satisfying – just like a good meal!


Get a face full of this gorgeous 1000-piece puzzle that’ll have you drooling with delight. Illustrated with some of our most magical colour combos yet, it’s practically begging you to ask, “Can I eat it yet?” Spoiler alert: No you can’t. It’s just a puzzle.

There’s plenty of food in this puzzle, which is perfect for beginners and more experienced puzzlers. But what’s that in the background? Trees? Leaves? Candy floss? Who cares! It’s a whimsical smorgasbord for your imagination.

Designed by Taiwan’s own Whooli Chen, this puzzle is one we can get lost in again and again. So dig in, foodies. The food is yummy!


Pumpkin spice fans, rejoice! You’ll ‘fall’ head over heels for this modern jigsaw puzzle that just screams cosy jumpers and crunchy leaves.

HARVEST might just be the ultimate autumnal jigsaw experience. With pieces that fit together smoother than a pumpkin puree, this puzz is bursting with plump squashes, hedge-loads of blackberries and tangles of pretty leaves.

This 1000-piece beauty by Printer Johnson captures the essence of autumn in a way that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside, just as the weather’s getting colder.


Late for breakfast, and too early for lunch? Chow down on BRUNCH instead, with its bold squiggles and vivid hues. Spot plates of bacon, eggs, beans, toast, and a steaming coffee, along with cutlery and shakers that scream, “Brunch is life!” The colours? A mix of daring primaries and soothing pastels, creating a joyful jigsaw that you’ll want to do over and over.

Manchester’s own Caroline Dowsett crafted the abstract artwork this puzzle. Known for her bright acrylics and ink, she turns everyday objects into visual treats. We’re super proud of the final product, which pays homage to the best meal of the day. Finish it, and you’ll be the “toast” of the town!


This is a fun food puzzle but our tip is not to be “shellfish,” folks! This is a tricky puzzle, and you’ll want to have a friend or two on hand to help with the sheer amount of red and white cause by the gingham tablecloth, which is loaded with luscious lobsters, heavenly seafood, classic cakes, and fruit-filled bowls.

FEAST was created for Cloudberries by Swiss-based artist Rocio Egio, who took influences from her Spanish roots to serve up a smorgasbord of paella plates, bread baskets, plump pink prawns, and sun-kissed salads. Tuck in!


Thanks to our nerdy Instagram followers, we cooked up the perfect background colour for this puzzle. They voted for this cool blue hue, making the vibrant ingredients truly pop!

Packed with beautifully illustrated herbs, vegetables, and spices, this tasty puzzle is sure to bring zest and flavour to your puzzling life. The puzzle was created for us by Italian artist Lucia Calfapietra, who injected bright, summery colours into PANTRY, making the finished puzzle perfect for any food fan’s kitchen wall.

Or how about something lighter?

If you prefer lighter bites, try this 500 piece food puzzle! It’s small enough to be done over the course of a few hours, and will leave you hungry for bigger challenges.


This fun breakfast-themed puzzle was designed by Edinburgh-based Yannick Scott, the artist behind our stunning WHALE jigsaw. Thanks to the subtle gradient and the distinct food images, we think this 500-piece puzzle is the perfect bite-sized challenge for newbies to sink their teeth into!

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